Elzetta Design Tactical Weapon Light mount and Weapon Light.

| 25 January 2010

Elzetta Design Tactical Weapon Light mount and Weapon Light.

Elzetta Design is known for innovative design and manufacture of tactical flash light mounts for standard AR15 front sight and Picatinny Rail and Weaver Rail mountable flash light mounts and has most recently entered into the tactical flash light arena.



Elzetta’s successful ZFH1500 Tactical Flashlight Holder for AR15 rifles is shown above.

While many AR15 enthusiasts prefer rail systems for mounting accessories on their rifles, Elzetta Design believes that there is a population out there of AR15 owners who need a cost effective option to mount their flashlight without purchasing these expensive rails.  The ZFH1500,  which mounts at the standard A-frame front sight base, is just perfect for this application.  The Elzetta ZFH1500 is made of a durable yet lightweight glass-filled polymer that has proven resistant to heat exposure over 490 degrees.   Also, the ZFH1500 has a slim profile which works well with most cases and law enforcement car/trunk racks.

With each flashlight holder, Elzetta includes a spacer system which allows accommodation of any flashlight or cylindrical device measuring from 0.7 to 1.1″ in diameter.  This includes many popular flashlights such as Surefire, Inova, Streamlight, Pelican, Wolf Eyes, Fenix etc. This is an innovative design feature not found in many mounts , if any.

The flashlight is easily activated by sliding the left hand forward and nudging the sling swivel, which presses the activation switch.  This keeps both hands in place on the weapon and eliminates the need for pressure switches, though they can easily be used in conjunction with the ZFH1500 if so desired.   See link below.  http://www.elzetta.com/Webpages/pushbutton_activation.htm

Customers also have the option of mounting the light in a forward position, protecting the tailcap for an “over the shoulder” carry situation.  With this installation, the customer turns the tailcap through a convenient access window built into the design.  See link.   http://www.elzetta.com/Webpages/tailcap_rotation.htm

The Elzetta ZFH1500 is available in both Standard and Quick-Release Thumbscrew Models, the latter of which allows the fast and easy, “no-tools- required” removal of the flashlight.   Three solid colors are available including matte black, dark earth, and olive drab.    There is also a desert digital camo pattern.  Optional Picatinny Rail Kits (ZPR1500) are available in matte black if a customer wishes to attach a sub-compact laser or other small tactical device to the side of the light mount.


Elzetta  debuted the ZORM and ZROC  Tactical Flashlight Holders in November, 2008.  These two products feature all metal construction with a main body of Mil-Spec Type III Hard Anodized 6061-T6 Aluminum.  They attach to any Mil-Std 1913 Picatinny Rail in an ergonomic low profile offset position.  Elzetta’s signature spacer system is included as well to accommodate flashlight bodies measuring from 0.7 to 1.1″ in diameter.  This includes many popular flashlights such as Surefire, Inova, Streamlight, and Pelican, Wolf Eyes, Fenix etc.

Elzetta Zorm Tactical Flashlight Holder

Both ZORM and ZROC are secured with coin-tightened Thumb Nut(s) that may be locked into place using either a safety wire or included cotter pin(s).

The ZROC offers just a few more features than the ZORM, including dual Thumb Nuts, a Quick-Release Thumbscrew for rapid installation of the flashlight, and an integrated Picatinny Rail for attaching a laser, navigational light, or other accessory.

Elzetta Zroc Tactical Flashlight Holder


In May 2009, Elzetta released the exciting new ZFL-M60 LED Tactical Weapon Light featuring illumination by Malkoff Devices.  Elzetta’s ZFL-M60 LED Tactical Weapon Light is rated at 235 honest lumens out the front (not rated at the emitter like competitive units).  That is more than twice the output of the Surefire Scout Light M600A. Benefits include optical beam projection for uniform lighting, electronic current management circuitry for optimized battery life, fully potted electrical components for ruggedized performance that eliminates the need for shock protected light bezels, and a patent pending heat sink mechanism for efficient thermal management.  Run time is 1.5 hours at full output on a fresh set of 123A lithium batteries.  The ZFL-M60 body, constructed of Mil-Spec Type III Hard Anodized 6061-T6 Aluminum, features circumferential grooves which may be fitted with O-rings (included) for an enhanced fit in Elzetta Tactical Flashlight Holders, providing a complete Elzetta Illumination System.





Check out the following links for reviews on the ZFL-M60 LED Tactical Weapon Light:




and this review by Jim Schecter

While the review referenced above is from a self-described “Layman”, the review described below is from Jim Schecter (owner of Jim’s Preferred Precision Products, www.JimsFlashlights.com ). Mr. Schecter is a true authority on LED Tactical Flashlights. Although Mr. Schecter is an Elzetta Dealer, as a former employee of a major U.S. Tactical Flashlight Manufacturer, he was initially skeptical of the new Elzetta ZFL-M60 so we sent him a unit for Test & Evaluation. Below is the email that he sent us after testing the ZFL-M60. The text below, shared with Mr. Schecter’s permission, is unedited except for removing the specific brand and model name of the competitive flashlight that was tested along side the Elzetta ZFL-M60.

This flashlight is as tough as any I’ve experienced! I don’t think that more abuse is required to establish its’ toughness.

My abuse was simple once I found a nice concrete slab at a local gas station.

I spun the light about 15 Feet in the air 20 times while on. All 20 times it landed on its’ ends and middle and all 20 times it came crashing to the concrete it was still on!

Between you and me the [Popular Imported Light] died on its’ 2nd hit. Dead. Caput. No mas. That was quick.

I took the light home to the concrete slab of my garage and proceeded to slam the light 25 times to the ground as hard as I could from my 5’8″ frame.

After about 3 hits it turned off. Don’t worry, the light was fine. The problem was the front battery positive post got squished which destroyed the battery. A new battery and all was well again. The same thing happened again at about hit #21. This damage was from obvious frontal crash which deformed the battery. The deformation is the result of the transition of the potting material where the spring enters. There is a high spot which seems to mirror the damage. This could be dealt with in the manufacturing process by Malkoff if deemed important. I doubt that many people will abuse the light like I did. In any case, a new battery fixed the problem. The positive spring became a bit deformed also but still functions fine.

I took some damage pics which are included.

This is a very tough light. In my opinion the value just increased substantially.





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