Magpul ZHUKOV-S stock on Norinco Type-56

| 29 November 2015

Norinco Type-56 with Magpul Zhukov

I lot of interesting things come up in our forum everyday, and some of these we just feel we have to share.

With all the Norinco Type-56’s we have seen recently, there have been a number of discussions around what modifications one can make. With Magpul recently releasing AK furniture, the first question in SA was, can it fit the Norinco Type-56?

The short answer is yes, but it will need some modifications to both the firearm and the furniture to get it right.

GunSite forum member LawDel shared these pictures with us, and a few details on how he got it to fit. You can find more information in the forum, here: Magpul ZHUKOV-S stock on Norinco Type-56

Norinco Type-56 with Magpul Zhukov 2

The Norinco’s have been available from a number of places, in this instance it was purchased from TacShac and the Magpul furniture was purchased from Hailstorm.





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