The Canik TP9SA

| 28 April 2016

Canik TP9SA

The Canik TP9SA is a polymer-framed, locked-breech semi-automatic single action only pistol chambered in 9mm. It feeds from an 18-round steel-bodied double column magazine made by Mec Gar. It features a Walther-esque grip design that does away with both the HK-style mag release and the odd raised bump grips for aggressively stippled ones. The only external safeties are a push-button decocker and a Glock-style, bladed safety trigger.

That covers which elements of the Glock 17 and Walther P99 the TPSA incorporates, but what about the SIG P250? Just like the P250, the TP9SA is a polymer-framed, hammer-fired semi-automatic handgun. Unlike the P250, the TP9SA is single action only and has a lower bore axis.

Unlike most polymer handguns, the TP9SA isn’t striker fired, or double action. It’s a single-action only pistol with a decocking button atop the slide. The trigger pull is crisp, clean and amazingly light for a stock combat handgun. Additionally, the TP9SA features a railed dust-cover for mounting accessories and an extended, reversible magazine release for faster reloads.

One area where the TP9SA sets itself apart from all the aforementioned pistols, is its grip design. Most double-stack polymer-framed guns have wide-bodied grips that are difficult for smaller shooters to comfortably hold. The TP9SA has a very thin grip especially for a handgun that holds 18+1 rounds of 9mm. If you’re a bear-clawed shooter who needs bigger grips, it includes multiple interchangeable backstraps. If you’re still not impressed, keep in mind it also ships with two magazines, a Serpa-type holster and mag loader.

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