Wilson Combat CQB Shotgun

| 7 April 2016


Wilson Combat is turning out heavily customized Remington 870 shotguns that have been developed for tactical applications. Called the CQB Shotgun, these new smoothbores are the latest 12 gauge guns to come from the company’s Scattergun Technologies line.

The company states that the guns have been “tuned by our gunsmiths” and are designed for “flawless function and reliable performance” in all conditions and tactical scenarios. Feeding is assisted by an Extra Power Heavy Duty stainless steel magazine tube spring, and the factory follower has been replaced with a high visibility, non binding one. The magazine has been extended and holds size 2 3/4″ shells.

The safety has an oversized head for easier manipulation under stress.

The front sight is a fiber optic design, while the rear is a ghost ring. Wilson Combat uses a Surefire forend with built in 600 lumen light.

On the back end, the company added a stock adapter that:

  • allows for the addition of any AR mil-spec buttstock,
  • allows for the addition of any AR pistol grip, and
  • adds a QD attachment point for a sling.

A Wilson Combat – Bravo Company pistol grip is standard, as is the adjustable length stock. A sling mount has been added to the magazine.




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