Introducing the DPMS GII .308

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The Lightest, Most Reliable, Technically Advanced .308 MSR – According to DPMS. Let’s take a look at what makes this new rifle from DPMS special.

This is what DPMS have to say about their new rifle:

Revolutionary improvements make the GII the most reliable, longest lasting MSR platform on the market. Key to this are: an all new elastomer extractor spring, new extractor material, dual ejectors, and a steel insert feed ramp. These components fundamentally change the way the conventional MSR functions.

Improved Extractor & Elastomer Extractor Spring
Through countless hours of research, testing, and tens of thousands of fired rounds, DPMS has selected a new extractor material that is nearly impervious to breaking, and a patent pending elastomer extractor spring. We ran tens of thousands of rounds through during testing without fatigue, breakage, failure, and the new materials resisted temperatures from -60˚F to 650˚F+ as well as every gun cleaner, solvent, oil or degreaser we could get our hands on.

Dual Ejectors
The dual ejector system reduces the ejector spring fatigue. Through duplicity, the likelihood of a failed ejection is significantly reduced. 

Steel Feed Ramp
GII incorporates an inserted steel feed ramp, allowing a lighter, smaller barrel extension and receiver, while improving feeding of more ammunition types. 

Enlarged Ejection Port
Lengthened port allows for better, more consistent ejection. 
The Rifle Simply Feels Better When You Pick It Up.
The heart of the GII is a matched pair of forged, level III anodized, Teflon* coated 7075 receivers, providing improved strength and durability. With the advancements in the forging, feed ramps and bolt geometry, the GII has a shorter overall receiver length, as well as a reduced receiver diameter. 

Forged Upper & Lower Receivers
Forged upper and lower receivers are contoured to be more ergonomic. Compact design is both lightweight and only 1/2” longer than a 5.56 MSR receiver, 5/8” shorter than the current LR-308. Lower receiver incorporates integral trigger guard and accepts any standard MSR pistol grip.

Reduced Weight, Yet Lighter Recoil
Reduced mass carrier provides smoother, softer recoil impulse than the GEN1 .308.

Reduced Mass, Forged, Monolithic Bolt Carrier With Forward Assist
New lightweight, forged, monolithic bolt carrier utilizes an integral gas key tower and removable gas key extension.

Bevelled Mag Well
The bevelled mag well provides a comfortable grip for those that prefer a mag well hold and also aids in quicker mag changes.

Improved Bolt & Barrel Extension
An all new bolt geometry provides superior lockup and strength. The bolt geometry allows a smaller diameter barrel extension to be used, in turn allowing upper receiver to be smaller, reducing overall material and weight without compromising strength.


All The Accuracy You’d Expect From DPMS
With its adaptability in accepting standard MSR fire control and more .223 two piece handguards than before, the GII core also remains versatile in both tactical and hunting configurations. A true game-changer. 

Increased .223 Platform Handguard Adaptability
Accepts more 2 piece MSR handguards than previous LR-308. Newly designed barrel nut allows the use of .223 diameter free float handguard systems.

Accepts Standard MSR Fire Controls
DPMS GII rifles accept standard MSR fire controls for even more adaptability.

An Exceptional Tactical Rifle
Contoured steel feed ramps, revolutionary redesigned extraction system, and a dual ejector design decrease feeding, extraction and ejection malfunctions. Completely re-designed gas delivery system utilizes a monolithic bolt carrier and optimized gas ring clearances to eliminate the possibility of gas leakage during operation.

At IWA 2014 (Nuremburg, Germany) in March this year I was lucky enough to see the new G2 rifles and got to compare them to the original DPMS .308 rifles. Having handled a number of AR15 type rifles in both .223 and .308, the DPMS G2 rifles, in a basic configuration certainly feel much lighter and closer to a .223 rifle than I expected. I was impressed with the new features and the number of new features that have gone into this new rifle. These rifle are turning a lot of heads and generating a lot of interest in the US, so it’s great that we already have some in South Africa.

Here are some pictures of the differences between the 1st gen and 2nd gen receiver, bolt carrier and bolt.

DPMS Gen 1 (bottom )and Gen 2 (top) bolt carriers

Gen 2 one piece gas key

DPMS Bolts, Gen 2 (left) and Gen 1 (right)

DPMS Gen 2 (top) and Gen 1 (bottom) receivers

DPMS Gen 2 (top) and Gen 1 (bottom) receivers

DPMS Gen 2 (top) and Gen 1 (bottom) receivers

DPMS Gen 2 (top) and Gen 1 (bottom) receivers

DPMS Gen 2 (top) and Gen 1 (bottom) receivers

Thanks to Hailstorm, both the RECON and SASS models have just arrived on these shores. 


The 16” GII Recon is just as battle ready as the original .308 Recon, but weighing less means, you can run it at your next high round count carbine course without needing to bulk up your upper body first. 16” stainless steel bead blasted barrel, DPMS hunter gas block, 4 rail free-float tube, and MagPul® MOE pistol grip and stock.

CALIBER: 308 / 7.62 Nato
WEIGHT: 8.5lbs
BARREL: 16″ 416 Stainless, Bead Blasted – Mid length Gas
UPPER RECEIVER: Forged 7075 T6 lvl 3 Anodized, Teflon coated, A3 type
LOWER RECEIVER: Forged 7075 T6 lvl Anodized, Teflon coated
TWIST: 1×10
STOCK: MagPul® MOE 6 Position Collapsible Stock
FRONT / REAR SIGHT: MagPul® Front and Rear BUIS
FLASH HIDER: None – Advanced Armament 51T Blackout Silencer Adapter
HANDGUARD: DPMS 4 Rail Free Float Tube



The 18” GII SASS. The original SASS is used in many Law Enforcement agencies and SWAT teams across the country, and was the gun used by the winning sniper in the 2012 CAN AM Police games. You take that tried and true performance and you throw it into a more versatile and lighter sniper platform, and you get a match made in long range heaven. A 30% weight reduction, 18” fluted stainless barrel, 4 rail free float tube, Harris Bi-Pod and adapter, MagPul® PRS stock and Gen 2 MBUS.

CALIBER: 308 / 7.62 Nato
WEIGHT: 10.5lbs
BARREL: 18″ 416 Stainless, Teflon coated, Fluted Bull Barrel, Mid Length Gas
UPPER RECEIVER: Forged 7075 T6 lvl 3 Anodized, Teflon coated, A3 type
LOWER RECEIVER: Forged 7075 T6 lvl Anodized, Teflon coated
TWIST: 1×10
STOCK: MagPul® PRS Rifle Stock
PISTOL GRIP: Panther Tactical Grip
FRONT / REAR SIGHT: MagPul® Front and Rear BUIS
FLASH HIDER: None – Panther Flash Hider
HANDGUARD: DPMS 4 Rail Free Float Tube

For more information on these and other DPMS rifles, contact Hailstorm on 012 754 0777 or Email:





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