John Rigby Rifles – Not everyone’s happy to see Rigby is back

| 16 March 2014 | 1 Comment

John Rigby and Co (Gunmakers) Ltd, London, England

Repatriated to the UK after a 15-year absence, John Rigby & Co (Gunmakers) Ltd invites you to visit its showroom and workshop in Vauxhall, London. Now part of the Mauser/Blaser group and operating under the direction of Marc Newton and Patricia Pugh, the company is flourishing as it carries out the business of making, servicing and renovating guns. In addition, the showroom is home to the Rigby museum of old guns, memorabilia and 82 ledgers dating back to 1798.

The Rigby Heritage

Founded in 1775, John Rigby and Co (Gunmakers) Ltd is the third oldest gunmaking company in the world. With a reputation built on producing fine duelling pistols, fowling pieces, blunderbusses, long-distance match rifles and iconic double and magazine rifles, the Rigby name has become synonymous with big-game hunting and firearms collecting.

The company’s technological developments in firearms and cartridge design have had a strong influence on safari hunting over the years. Of particular note is the relationship between Rigby and Mauser, which led to the production of the Magnum Mauser action – it went on to become one of the most successful rifle designs in the history of firearms. A century later, we are proud to be collaborating once more with Mauser on the development of a new Rigby hunting rifle.

I was fortunate enough to visit the Rigby stand at IWA 2014 with Frank and have a chat to Marc Newton, their Managing Director. Marc is one of us, a hunter, firearms enthusiast and all round nice guy. Even though the stand was rather busy, Marc took to the time to show us their rifles, talk us through what they are currently doing and show us some interesting entries in their firearms register.

After spending some time fondling a .416 Rigby, I wanted one. The Single Square Bridge model would be my choice. With a 22″ barrel, the rifle felt well balanced, the Mauser action was smooth and positive, and the trigger was reassuring. They certainly have got it right.

Rigby with be at Huntex this year and I urge you to visit them, you won’t be disappointed and for many of you, you’ll be meeting your hero.

More pictures can be found here at Hunt South Africa




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  1. I have a C96 Mauser Pistol that I would like restored and enscribed. Do you carry out such work.

    Yours truly

    Charles Roscoe
    07773 885556

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