New Furniture and Colours for AR15’s in 2014

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We’ve seen a bit of a change in 2014 as far as furniture for AR15’s go. Over the last few years, manufacturers of rifles have started producing their own gear, shifting from the Magpul MOE furniture that we have become so used to seeing on certain lines. While I suspect the majority of manufacturers will continue with the tried and tested mil-style furniture and Magpul products, Daniel Defense, Bravo Company USA (BCM) and La Rue Tactical are moving in a different direction. These companies are in the process or have released their own stocks and grips, with BCM releasing their Gunfighter grip in 2012 and collaborating with B5 Systems to create the B5 Bravo SOPMOD. There are other companies who manufacture firearms and furniture, but these have made the change in recent years.

At Shot Show this year, Daniel Defense released their own line of furniture, along with a few new colours to their line up. BCM have also just released a few images of their new stock, and over the last couple weeks Magpul have also added to their range. Along with a new stock, grip and some armorers tools, Magpul have introduced us to Stealth Gray, a similar colour to Daniel Defense’s Tornado.

Daniel Defense DDM4v5 Tornado

Daniel Defense v7 Mil Spec+ (brown)

New Daniel Defense Furniture

Daniel Defense’s new furniture is designed with a polymer frame and a rubber overmold design. The pistol grip is of a steeper design and features textured rubber for control and features an integral, flared trigger guard.

The stock features the same rubber overmold on the cheek weld areas for comfort and the adjustment lever design allows for easy removal, if needed. Dual QD sling swivel sockets allow for ambidextrous sling mounting, while the butt pad will be interchangeable for varying preferences in fit or curvature. The rounded toe helps with transitions and when shooting with gear.

The VFG has also been updated to provide the same rubber textured overmold as the rest of the furniture series.

New BCM Stock

New BCM Stock – Up close

The BCM Gunfighter stock is a streamlined snag-free design, with a decent amount of cheek support. The large adjustment latch allows the user to use all four fingers to press-in and unlock the stock, while the latch mechanism maintains a high tension on the buffer tube. The BCM Gunfighter Stock fits in with the lighter weight collapsible stocks. Compared to the popular Magpul CTR at 9 oz, the BCM stock comes in at 7.5oz. There is stock has a single convention sling loop and a QD swivel mount that’s accessible on either side.

Magpul MOE SL Stock


Hot on BCM’s heals, was Magpul, releasing the MOE SL, SL for Slim Line. Featuring a sloping cheek weld, slim profile, dual-side release latches and a snag free design, it does look quite similar to the BCM Gunfighter. Additionally there is are an internal anti-rattle feature that minimizes wobble on the receiver extension tube and a rollover on the toe that allows for easier shoulder transitions and better fit when using body armour.

Magpul also released a new handguard, the MOE SL for AR15/M4 firearms with carbine-length gas system, which also provides modular flexibility with M-LOK accessory slots in a lightweight, sleek, cost effective design. Reinforced, heat-resistant polymer construction provides operational durability without the weight and expense of an aluminium rail hand guard and large front extensions and lower lip provides additional operator protection from hot front sight assembly.

Magpul MOE SL Grip

The new Magpul MOE SL Grip is a drop-in upgrade for AR15/M4 pistol grips with a more vertical grip angle optimised for short LOP weapons that bring the primary hand in closer to the shooter’s body. With an aggressive new texture for positive weapon control along with excellent ergonomics, the SL Grip provides a slightly smaller size and slimline feel.

Then then comes the new colours, Stealth Gray … and Pink!

Magpul Stealth Gray MOE Grip

Looking at all this new furniture and colours, you have to wonder where this trend started. Magpul used to lead the pack and in many ways still do, but you have to give a nod to Travis Haley, ex Magpul CEO for his role in this evolution. Here’s a look at Travis’ Jack Carbine, a collaboration between BCM and HSP. Finished in disruptive grey, sporting a B5 Bravo SOPMOD stock and the BCM Gunfighter grip with it’s more vertical style, it bears more than a few similarities with the new releases that we’ve seen above.

While I’ve not seen any of this new furniture in South Africa yet, I’d expect us to see the Daniel Defense furniture first. Mainly because Hailstorm have regular shipments arriving from Daniel Defense and this furniture is now shipping, both Magpul and BCM haven’t started shipping their new models yet. Magpul has however started shipping their existing line in Stealth Gray, so this will likely be the next new line we will see. While BCM isn’t currently regularly available in South Africa, Hailstorm have confirmed that they are ‘working’ on this. Exciting times.

Magpul is generally available from all good tactical stores and firearms dealers.

Daniel Defense is available from Hailstorm

And BCM isn’t currently available in SA.



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