Round 1 SA Championship Polokwane

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1st Round of SA Championships was held in Polokwane 18 to 20 March

The match was hosted at the Polokwane Shooting club situated in the Limpopo province.  Shooting took place over 3 days with a total 23 stages and a round count of 432. What made this match so important was that this was the final selection match for National Team slots for the World Shoot   being held in Greece in October.

With this match being the final selection match for selection in the National Teams Limpopo Province decided to put on a technically challenging match.  The match was very well setup and the stages were challenging, providing different possible options to the shooters. The course design was excellent; I would rate the course design up with the best I have seen.  A good mix of steel plates, mini targets, no-shoot targets and props made the match one of the matches where you had to shoot very carefully. On a technical basis the match compared well with the World Shoot that was held in South Africa in 2002 and surpassed the 2005 Ecuador World Shoot.

Officials, Administrators and Organizers

A big word of thanks needs to go to the Officials, Administrative personnel and organizers of the match.  With very limited resources a very safe and well managed competition was held over the 3 days of shooting.  As always the Stats team was insuring that prelim scores were available on time and that any scoring issues where quickly and addressed.

What stood out for me at this match were all the helpers, including members of the SAPSA executive who assisted in getting all the ranges setup so that we the shooters could enjoy an excellent shoot.

A big thanks needs to go out to the Range officers that had to endure some of the sprints over and over on the long courses as well as the maintenance team who did an excellent job in keeping all the stages running.

The Match

The match consisted of 23 stages with a total round count of 432 rounds.  Target distances were anything from 2 meters to 35 meters and the targets ranged from 6” steel plates, mini paper targets, no-shoot targets, Pepper poppers, mini poppers and normal IPSC targets.

The props included plenty of barricades, swingers, bobbers and even a bus to run through. Cunning target placement meant that accuracy became a very important factor.  Small plates at 12—15 meters as well as tight shots on hostage–covered targets meant that actual aiming became the order of the day.

The way in which the match was setup ensured a good mix of accuracy and speed.


  • 23 Stages, 432 Rounds, lots of plates and mini targets
  • 186 Competitors:
  • 60 Open Class
  • 44 Production Class
  • 79 Standard Class
  • South Africa, USA, New Zeeland, Czech Republic, Russia, Canada, Zimbabwe


A total of 186 competitors took part in the 3 day match broken up into 3 classes as follows:

  • Open – 60
  • Standard – 79
  • Production – 40

There was also good international representation with competitors from USA, Russia, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Canada and Zimbabwe competing.

Categories in the different classes where, Men, Ladies, Juniors, Seniors and Super Seniors.  Medals were awarded in most classes.


The results reflect the technicality of the match.  All 3 classes were won by International shooters.  It is worthwhile remembering is that these shooters are mostly professional sports people who are fully sponsored. Their exposure to many international matches also provided them with match-winning experience.

Position Name Region Class
1 Kamenicek, Martin CZE Open
2 Smith, Eddie RSA Open
3 Montgomery, Hubert RSA Open
4 Wrogemann, Pierre RSA Open
5 Gogos, Alex RSA Open
Position Name Region Class
1 Montgomery, Hubert RSA Open S
2 van den Berg, Jan RSA Open S
3 Dadamia, Goolam RSA Open S
Position Name Region Class
1 Belletti, Carlo RSA Open SS
Position Name Region Class
1 Garcia, Frank USA Production
2 Viktorovich, Onshin RUS Production
3 Wessels, Albert RSA Production
4 Christie, MH RSA Production
5 Lurie, Eugene RSA Production
Position Name Region Class
1 Hopper, Rob USA Production S
Position Name Region Class
1 Crossley, Guy RSA Production J
Position Name Region Class
1 Montgomery,Hanlie RSA Open L
2 van den Berg, Ets RSA Open L
3 Bierman, Alexis RSA Open L
Position Name Region Class
1 Znamenacek, Petr CZE Standard
2 Kolia, Muhammed RSA Standard
3 Engelbrecht, Jean RSA Standard
4 Peacock, Justin RSA Standard
5 Junge, Reinhard RSA Standard
Position Name Region Class
1 Rolls, Kevin RSA Standard S
2 Kurczewski, Slavek RSA Standard S
3 van Straaten, Andre RSA Standard S
Position Name Region Class
1 Fischer, Joey RSA Standard L
2 O’Donovan, Sebella RSA Standard L
3 Keaney, Janis RSA Standard L

Teams for World Shoot XVI “Greece”

The teams were announced at the price giving function after the match ended on Sunday.  The last two SA Championships held in 2010 as well as this match were used to select the squad that would represent South Africa at the World Championships.

The following members of SAPSA will represent South Africa at World Shoot XVI:

Name Category
Carlo Beletti Open Super Senior Individual
Rob Hopper Production Senior Individual
Andre van Straaten Standard Senior Team
Kobus de Wet Standard Senior Team
Kevin Rolls Standard Senior Team
Abraham J. van Vuuren Standard Senior Team
Janis Keaney Standard Ladies Team
Joey Fisher Standard Ladies Team
Sebella O’Donovan Standard Ladies Team
Eurika du Plooy Standard Ladies Team
Hubert Montgomery Open Senior Team
Jan van den Berg Open Senior Team
Goolam Dadamia Open Senior Team
Danny Schoeman Open Senior Team
Johan Hattingh Production Team
Paul Loock Production Team
Jaco Jacobs Production Team
Alan Betts Production Team
Muhammed Kolia Standard Team
Justin Peacock Standard Team
Jean Engelbrecht Standard Team
Heinrich Patzen Standard Team
Alex Gogos Open Team
Mohammed Osman Open Team
Kenny v d Merwe Open Team
Hishaam Ally Open Team

In addition to the National Squad members, 11 individuals will also be participating at the World Shoot.  Good luck to all and may you bring back gold.


As in any sport we would also like to thank the sponsors that contributed to assist Limpopo province to host the match.  We ask our shooters to please support the sponsors as they are supporting you in your shooting.

Sponsors Website
Lekana Trading
CR Speed
Cargo Spring
Twilight Enterprises

The sponsors provide financial assistance as well as prices. CR Speed provided equipment that was used as prizes for the junior shooters.

Gunsite was in attendance and has provided South Africa with a forum to voice opinions as well as to get assistance and information regarding current firearm-related issues.

Where possible links to the sponsors have been added.

Once gain to all the sponsors we thank you for your assistance.


So the bar has been raised for the other provinces to follow in the footsteps of Limpopo for 2011.

The small IPSC style targets where tricky but fun. All the shooters I spoke to enjoyed the match.  It was good to have the international competitors here as well and we hope to see more international shooters attending South African Matches.

To all involved with the Match a big thank you.  To the National Team train hard and a special mention for those attending their 1st World Shoot, It is like nothing you have seen or done before so experience and enjoy the premier Practical experience in the world!


By Pierre Wrogemann



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