SAFA launch anti-gun campaign

| 9 November 2014 | 2 Comments

The South African Football Association will call for a law to remove all illegal guns from the streets, its president Danny Jordaan said in Johannesburg. South African football have launched a gun control campaign, seeking the surrender of illegal weapons they hope to melt into metal for the creation of a statue of their slain national team captain Senzo Meyiwa.

“We need to mop up all illegal guns and destroy them.

“This campaign aims to save lives so we are appealing to society to hand in all illegal guns,” said South African Football Association president Danny Jordaan as he launched the campaign on Tuesday.

Oh dear, Mr Jordaan, you do realise that the fact that the guns are illegal, means that there is already a law against this? You seem to be missing the actual problem, the criminal problem, that is rife in South Africa. Why not start a campaign against criminals and criminal behaviour, the actual problem, instead of waisting your time thinking these criminals will simply hand in their guns.

Firearms aren’t the problem here, Senzo was tragically murdered, as were many other people on the same day, all by criminals. Mr Jordaan, challenge the government to tackle crime and make this country a better place for all. We all have an equal right to life, having a firearm for self defence allows one to enforce that, if necessary, without relying on others that are doing little about it.

Arm yourself, save yourself.




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  1. Michael Nel says:

    Mr Jordaan !!!

    What gives you the impression that the criminal is willingly going to give up his “Unlicensed Illegal” Firearm. By the very act of him / her being in possession of an unlicensed firearm, he has already declared himself a criminal according to the laws of our land.
    I am a legal licensed gun owner classified as dedicated sports shooter. I know of none of my peers in the sports shooting world that have committed any criminal offence. If so, we would not be in possession of legally licensed firearms.
    Stick to soccer

  2. Ludwig Churr says:

    1) he is calling for mopping up illegal guns, so he support law etc. and not going after legal gun owners.

    2) The how they want to do it is a problem.
    GFSA organised previous hand in to police station. GFSA also monitored the process so they could control it. How effective was this control?

    GFSA now complain that guns handed in were sold to criminals.

    3) GFSA (& D Jordaan) is calling for a new hand-in to be made at gun free zones like churches and schools.

    3.1 Who is going to monitor that a gun handed in at a school/church is not sold to a gangster?

    3.2 Who is going to safeguard the churches and schools being a gun free zone, from armed criminals (knifes spears etc.) just walking in and taking guns for themselves.

    3.3 Guns to be destroyed there and then? How?

    4. Danny Jordaan on national TV said that a gun licence once issued is for life? And this “paragon” font of wisdom on guns and gun law will be speaking at Parliament?

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