SAGA – Request for a General Meeting of the Members (Also Open to Non-Members)

| 4 August 2013 | 2 Comments



“SAGA has now officially declared that they act for all firearm owners, not just SAGA members. Therefore, non- SAGA members should also now sign the petition”.

We request that the Trustees of SAGA call a General Meeting of the SAGA members as soon as possible but before 30th September 2013.

We request that proxy votes may be registered for this General Meeting.

We request that the Trustees attend this General Meeting to address the allegations raised on GunSite on the thread at

We also request that, at this General Meeting, the Trustees address the discontent expressed by SAGA members on this thread.


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  1. Ian Measures says:

    This petition for an AGM of a national organisation is about as useful and sensible as a petition asking for a change of government – i.e. it has not been thought out beforehand.

    If one votes in favour of this petition, where will the required AGM be held? As a Gauteng resident I would object to Durban, Cape Town, Bloemfontein or East London as I’m sure residents of those far flung parts of RSA would object to Gauteng.

    The petition is flawed as it should be asking that the Trustees answer the points raised in Martin Hood’s letter and if required regional meetings be held at which this and other relevant SAGA matters can be discussed.

  2. GunSite SA says:

    @ Ian Measure, so have you signed up?

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