The Colt M1070CQBP – M45A1 Close Quarter Battle Pistol

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What Colt says about the CQBP.

Colt continues to take its battle and time proven M1911 pistol and adapt it to meet the changing requirements of its customers with its Close Quarter Battle Pistol. Where quality and workmanship are demanded, Colt once again meets and exceeds the expectations of its customers. This handgun is outfitted with new and exciting features. The Picatinny Rail offers the versatility to adapt tactical light and laser accessories to the receiver of the CQBP, making it a tactical pistol easily adaptable to any military.

The M45A1 Close Quarters Battle Pistol (CQBP) was a result of the Marine Corps Systems Command deciding in July 2012 that they needed a replacement for their rebuilt .45s. Colt won this contract with a variation of their 1911 Rail Gun.

The initial delivery order following the announcement specified 4,036 pistols and spares. However, the contract carries with it an indefinite-delivery and indefinite-quantity clause for up to 12,000 M45A1s, spare parts and logistical support. The value of this contract is said to be worth $22.5 million to Colt. Marine Corps Special Operations Command (MARSOC) and Marine Expeditionary Unit Special Operation Command (MEU[SOC]), as well as members of Force Recon, Special Reaction Teams (SRT) and the Marine Corps pistol team are the expected end users for the first new Colt 1911s added to an armory’s inventory since World War II.

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I’ve always been a 1911 fan and having recently had the opportunity to handle the Colt Rail Gun, I certainly wasn’t disappointed in Colts latest offering. Comparing the Colt Rail Gun and Colt Gold Cup side by side, the Rail Gun would get my money, as I prefer the more rugged looks. The fit and finish is fantastic and the trigger is great. The CQBP certainly has me interested and I’ve been looking for an excuse to buy a 1911 again. If we see these in South Africa, I’ll certainly be taking a much closer look at one.




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