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  1. TDI Training Schedule
  2. Accredited Firearms Instructor Course; 7th - 10th April 2011
  3. CQC-II
  4. Dates for the second cycle of Tactical Defence Institute firearms training.
  5. Shooter's Clinic and Close Quarter Combat (Level 1)
  6. Magnum United Shooting Range
  7. Shooter's Clinic; Saturday, 21st January
  8. Close Quarter Combat Level 1; Tactical Carbine & Tactical Shotgun
  9. Magnum United Shooting Range; closed on Saturday, 10th March
  10. Shooter's Clinic; Sunday, 8th July 2012 at PDPC / Magnum United Shooting Range
  11. Shooter's Clinic; Saturday, 28th July 2012
  12. TDI Training Schedule for September, October & November 2012.
  13. Dates that Magnum United Shooting Range will be closed.
  14. TDI training schedule for 1st Quarter of 2013
  15. Training dates for June - September 2013
  16. Postponement of all training dates!
  17. Shooter's Clinic on Saturday,14th December at Magnum United Shooting Range
  18. TDI Training schedule Jan - Apr 2014
  19. TDI Training Schedule; July - Sept 2014
  20. "How to shoot a IDPA Stage/CoF" course
  21. TDI Training Schedule for the last Quarter of 2014
  22. Season's Greetings
  23. TDI Training Schedule for 1st Quarter of 2015
  24. TDI Training Schedule for 2nd Quarter 2015
  25. Great day Training
  26. Reflexive Shooting Course, Saturday, 4th & 5th July
  27. Firearm Instructor and Range Officer Course; 27th to 31st July 2015
  28. Training Schedule for the next couple of months!
  29. TDI Training Schedule for 1st Quarter 2016
  30. TDI Competency Assessments and other Unit Standard Training
  31. Re-scheduling of courses
  32. Magnum United Shooting Range Closed due to unrest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  33. Advanced Handgun, Saturday, 23rd April at Magnum United Shooting Range
  34. PFTC Accredited Instructor and Range Officer course; 19th to 23rd September 2016
  35. Handgun and Rifle Brass for sale!!!!!!!!
  36. Magnum United Shooting Range
  37. TDI Training Schedule for March, April and May 2017
  38. Sunday, 5th March Hangun Fundamentals is over subscribed. Additional Course scheduled
  39. Handgun and Rifle Brass for sale.
  40. Magnum United Shooting Range open over the long week-end.
  41. Slot open for Advanced SLR on Sunday, 7th May
  42. TDI Training Schedule 3rd Quarter
  43. Firearm Instructor Course US 123520 / Range Officer Course US 123516
  44. Upcoming Training
  45. TDI, upcoming training dates!
  46. PFTC Ethics Course and Instructor Grading Shoot
  47. Firearm Instructor Course, Range Officer Course and Assessor Course