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    Default Status of firearm applications

    Submitted my application for my CZ550 .243 in April 2010.

    Started phoning the firearms call centre in August 2010 to check on the status of the application.

    Was told in August that the application was received in Gauteng North on 17/8/2010. From there it needed to go through various checks and procedures before going to the committee for a decision.

    Well, on all subsequent calls to the call centre I got the same story i.e. "it was received at Gauteng North on 17/8/2010".

    This year I logged a query with the call centre after they told me the same story. When nobody contacted me regarding my query I requested to speak to the responsible person, a Sgt de Buys. He said that there did not seem to be any issue with my application and that they are just very busy. I should phone again in 2 weeks.

    After 2 weeks I have tried unsuccessfully for 2 days to speak to SGT de Buys. Eventually I insisted on speaking to the person SGT DB resports to. I've just spoken to KAPT Mattheus. She says that due to the volume of work, they are not updating the status of the applications anymore (i.e. where the application is in the whole process) - except when a decision on the application has been made. If there is a problem they will contact us. Until then we just have to wait until a decision has been made while wondering where our application is sitting and whether it is making any progress at all.


    Will I get to hunt springbok with my .243 this season? Who knows? Not the CFR, at the moment.

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    Default Re: Status of firearm applications

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