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    Default An Affirmation to bear arms

    An Affirmation to bear arms
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    Robert Stilson, U.S.A.

    Peter Moss, South Africa, Founding member, Black Gun Owners of South Africa

    Richard Boothroyd, South Africa, PRINCIPLE, SAGA

    Jack Pollard, South Africa, PRINCIPLE, SAGA

    The chimerical reasoning of gun control advocates stops at that point where reality intrudes. The historical argument for gun control includes the repetitive theme that the absence of guns will have a profound effect on crime. This reasoning mimics the argument that penicillin cures all diseases, lipstick causes prostitution and pencils cause spelling mistakes.

    Clearly, misguided idealists lack the logical processes required to satisfy real-world behaviors; reality is an unwelcome intruder in the idealist’s vision of a perfect world.

    Anti-social, anti-gun advocates wrongly argue that it is the nature of guns rather than the nature of man that foments violence. Before the gun there was the sword; before the sword there was the club; before the club there was the rock. Human beings harm one another; no amount of imaginary idealism will change this reality, yet anti-gun activists advance the illusion that divesting man of his weapons will somehow allow the expression and expansion of man’s hidden goodness.

    One fascinating aspect of anti-gun arguments is the incomplete logic that relegates man’s power to choose to the realm of domesticated animals. This argument imparts mystical powers on weapons – powers that reduce mankind to the mindless creations of the weapons he creates. This paradox eliminates all sorts of nasty inconveniences such as man’s ability to choose between doing good and doing evil: If man can choose evil it follows he can also do evil. This intrusive reality eliminates the gun as the culprit – A fact anti-gun advocates passionately and deliberately avoid in their attempt to transfer blame to an inanimate object.

    Man’s destructive nature will not vanish with the stroke of a pen or the introduction of unjustified and oppressive legislation. As history has repeatedly demonstrated, the divestment of man from his natural inclinations requires oppressive laws and conditions - All caged animals, regardless of their violent nature, are harmless. It is here that the full measures of anti-gun inquisitions are revealed: Gun laws have nothing to do with enhancing man’s goodness and everything to do with reducing man to a state of harmless and helpless servitude.



    Early South African gun control was liberally modeled after British gun control laws. The South African Arms & Ammunition Act was amended in 1937 at nearly the same time a nearly identical British Act was amended. The two acts shared many of the same provisions based upon the British and Colonial government’s fear of a Bolshevik-style uprising and the need to suppress the public’s ability to object to government measures.

    There was one important difference, however: Unlike the British law that mandated the police to dispense gun licenses, South African law dictated gun licenses would be the sole domain of magistrates. This alteration allowed any South African with no ‘apparent character defect’ to make an appointment with a magistrate and, typically, within half an hour, walk out with a gun permit – Gun registration was not required and no records were kept.

    In 1969 the enactment of the Arms and Ammunition Act (AAA) transferred gun control from magistrates to South African Police (SAPS). The AAA presented an onerous system relating to firearms ownership. In short order, SAPS exercised heavy-handed ambitions that limited the types and numbers of guns an individual could own/possess. Despite its draconian nature, the AAA was liberally applied. In the magistrate system any (white) person could get a license within a month without too much difficulty - though the government applied stringent controls.

    In 1992, the Goldstone Commission was established to investigate violence in South Africa. The commission was chaired by Richard Goldstone; the ANC was represented by Nelson Mandela’s attorney, Azhar Cachalia. The ANC expressed its desire to fully disarm South African citizens - even though the ANC maintained a ‘secret’ cache of arms, explosives and other war-making materials. In contradiction to their expressed desire to disarm South Africa, the ANC refused to dismantle its huge cache of clandestinely imported weapons, alleging ‘they were not a threat’ –

    The ANC continues to maintain the privately-owned cache which contains hundreds of thousands of guns, ammo and hundreds of tons of high-energy explosives. The ANC government refuses to approach the issue even as decent, law-abiding South African citizens face stiff penalties and imprisonment for owning guns. Interestingly, SAPS harasses civilian gun owners while turning a blind eye to the disturbingly dangerous, privately held ANC collection of armaments. (1) (8) (9)

    Following the ascension of the ANC to power in 1994, legislative actions relating to gun control became dormant. It was during this period that Gun Free South Africa (GFSA) surfaced. GFSA, a George Soros derivative (2), is composed of a small group of compensated anti-gun activists. (3) The South African media unabashedly sympathized with the GFSA’s mentorship of anti-gun legislation. Prior to 1994, efforts to advance anti-gun legislation would have met with little success; the arrival of the black, ANC run government lent favor to anti-gun advocacy - even as the ANC maintained its cache of dangerous weapons. Headed by Adele Kirsten (10), a Soros operative, and with the approval of the media and the ANC, GFSA launched a full-on anti-gun propaganda campaign. (4)

    Pro-gun advocates were caught off-guard but immediately launched a futile campaign to refute GFSA propaganda. South African media refused to give pro-gun advocates like the South African Gun Owners Association (SAGA) a venue to present their position. Unabated, GFSA exploited the expanding incidence of crime, relating the increase to the lack of gun control laws.

    Individual SAGA members ineffectually struggled to inform the public of GFSA’s manipulative, propaganda schemes. In 1999 SAGA members were informed the ANC was drafting a ‘secret’ Firearms Control Act. In response, a pro-gun Internet group was established that exchanged information regarding the intended ‘secret’ legislative changes.

    South Africa’s Constitution dictates that no legislation can be enacted without consulting those affected by it, and must fairly reflect the concerns of all affected parties. SAGA was denied that consultation - in fact, the ANC informed SAGA's chairman that ‘discussing the legislation was pointless”. Meanwhile, GFSA was surreptitiously and extensively consulted. When completed, the Firearm Control Act read like a GFSA wish list – An unequivocal anti-gun victory. The legislation, which was finalized in 2000, is extremely restrictive and prejudicial.

    Obviously, the ANC Government wanted complete prohibition of guns but dared not unilaterally seek that outcome in an ‘ostensible’ democracy. As Azhar Cachalia told the Goldstone Commission, ‘prohibition at a single stroke was politically impossible, and would have to be imposed incrementally’.

    When the dust had settled, Mluleki George, the man who piloted the Firearms Control Act through parliament, remarked: "This bill is not about crime. You can't make law for criminals. This bill is about making it as difficult as possible to possess licensed arms, and to drastically reduce those presently licensed." The ANC and other progressive, anti-gun organizations utilized Alinsky-like tactics to manipulate public sympathy to neutralize pro-gun resistance. The Firearm Control Act is the first movement in Azhar Cachalia's process-based, incremental prohibition of guns.

    By any measure, the Firearm Control Act (FCA) is a brilliant though deceptive scheme to eliminate private possession of weapons. The FCA was assiduously implemented in stages over several years, the final stage occurred in 2009.

    The economic devastation of the FCA has created a spectrum of victims: Before the FCA over 900 firearm dealers made their living selling guns to sports enthusiasts; today, less than one-hundred gun dealers remain in business; of that number, fifty are on the verge of bankruptcy; bankrupt dealers have lost their homes, businesses and futures while thousands of retail counter employees are now unemployed.

    The FCA requires the re-licensing of all self-defense weapons every five years and sporting arms every ten. Gun owners are forced to comply with a myriad of restrictive requirements. The ANC government failed to construct the public resources necessary for gun owners to satisfy requirements. The first wave of gun owners has been stone-walled by a bureaucratic machine singularly designed to frustrate the licensing process.

    Meanwhile, gun owners face the dilemma of possessing unregistered, illegally owned guns – Even though the source of the problem is the ANC government’s failure to construct the resources necessary to approve applications. SAPS added further complications by stalling the processing of applications; SAPS’ tardiness victimized millions of applicants who were forced into non-compliance - Gun owners have the choice of surrendering their weapons or face the prospect of criminal charges for possessing unregistered, illegal weapons. The first round of licensing, which should have been completed this year, is seriously stalled. On that basis, the backlog will get longer with each new permit cycle. Some calculations indicate it will take 25 years; in the interim, more and more lawful gun owners will become criminals - through no fault of their own.

    A working group was established earlier this year, under the chairmanship of Jenni Irish-Qhobosheane, to seek solutions. The group has allegedly been established to address the concerns of gun owners. The ANC government insists the licensing problems can be resolved by improving the administration of applications. This solution is untenable as the licensing problems clearly evolve from the Act itself and cannot be solved by symbolic, administrative improvements.

    Close to one million firearm owners have bravely refused to comply with the FCA, even though SAPS threatened resistors with arrest and 15 year imprisonment. Allegedly, one minute past midnight on July 1, 2010, SAPS raiding squads were in-place and ready to arrest citizens in possession of unregistered guns. These citizens are responsible taxpayers who neither threatened nor committed any offense - except refusing to apply for permission to keep lawfully owned property (guns). (5) (10)

    The SA Hunting & Game Conservation Association (SAHGCA) sought and acquired an interdict in the North Gauteng High Court that prevented SAPS from implementing the renewal portion of FCA legislation until further notice - The final elimination of privately owned guns under the auspices of the FCA has been temporarily stayed.

    Gun owners argue the 1969 AAA confirms the legality of old licenses; they assert there is no need for a repetitive re-licensing scheme. The 1969 Act prevents SAPS from having dominion over the licensing process. Pro-gun groups have asked the ANC government to abandon the FCA re-licensing provision. Given that the FCA induces the progressive confiscation of guns and stalls the licensing process, the ANC refuses to comply.

    The success of the FCA as regards eliminating the ownership of guns by responsible citizens is undeniable. Nearly one million responsible gun owners have surrendered their weapons. By 2000, licenses were being granted primarily to blacks, a process that began as early as 1995. Before the FCA, SAPS was issuing 150,000 licenses each year; today, only a fraction of that number are issued. (7) In relation to the lawful ownership of guns by responsible, tax-paying citizens, the ANC, and Soros-sponsored anti-gun groups, have nearly sterilized South Africa.

    South African criminals have a limitless supply of weapons supplied by external and internal sources. The ANC’s blatant hypocrisy provides criminals the context to rationalize possessing and using illegal weapons - “Since the ANC owns a cache of illegal weapons there’s no reason I can’t!”

    “Gauteng police find arms cache
    Jan 11, 2011 8:19 AM | By Sapa

    A large arms cache, including rocket launchers, was found in Katlehong, on Gauteng's East Rand on Tuesday, says police.
    "Rocket launchers, explosives, AK-47s, limpet mines and ammunition were found in Mukhari Street in Khumalo Valley," Lieutenant Colonel Lungelo Dlamini said.

    "Media will be briefed at the site."

    Dlamini could not give any further details, including arrests.

    ‘Those details will be available shortly.’"

    During a 1998 crime conference in Johannesburg - dominated by firearm prohibitionists, including Wendy Cukier - members of SAGA were given the rare opportunity to voice opposition to anti-gun legislation. During one heated exchange relating to British gun control laws, Pat Mayhew, a British anti-gun advocate, astonished SAGA attendees by remarking, “British controls have nothing to do with crime." The ANC and anti-gun groups insist their efforts to eliminate guns are intended to eliminate crime. Once again, reality intrudes on these assertions: Since the ANC came to power, and introduced punitive anti-gun legislation, the incidence of crime has followed a tragic, exponential increase.

    Violent crimes against the person have seen the largest increase. South African farmers are particularly vulnerable but they are not alone – the expanse of South African crime is seemingly unlimited. With less than six percent of South Africa’s criminals going to trial, it seems reasonable that sane men would resolve to protect themselves from becoming victims of crime in a nation that leads the world in violence.

    Sufficient evidence exists to support allegations the SAPS contribute to crime through a number of behaviors, not the least of which is the distribution of illegal weapons to criminals by gift, loan and sale. Following the inception of the FCA, most of the 1120-odd police stations were suddenly faced with tens of thousands of 'surrendered weapons'. SAPS personnel allegedly 'lost' an unknown but huge quantity of these weapons. Highly publicized television coverage of the destruction of just 83,000 of the 830,000 guns allegedly destroyed revealed a critical flaw: No audit of the surrendered guns was conducted by an independent source. Viewers watched hundreds of bags allegedly loaded with guns being thrown into furnaces with virtually no oversight of the process.

    SAPS’ actions came to a halt when storage areas and safes overflowed - no more guns could be added. Contrary to Constitutional mandates, South Africans who surrendered their guns have not been compensated for doing so. In many instances, the confiscated guns are the only collateral gun owners have to prove they are entitled to reimbursement.

    Following a ‘leak’, the ANC was forced to admit the government “lost" 150,000 firearms. An attempt to audit the exact status of the situation was abandoned due to the refusal by most SAPS departments to submit information - The SAPS “loss” rate is five times higher than civilians. If a SAPS officer loses a firearm he receives a note in his personnel file. In contrast, any civilian who ‘loses’ a gun may be barred for life from ownership if the circumstances show negligence in storage, handling or safe keeping.

    South Africa is now the world’s leader in violent crime yet South Africans are only allowed to own a total of four firearms, for example: One handgun, three rifles; two handguns, two rifles; four rifles, etc. Gun owners may possess only two-hundred rounds of ammunition per caliber – In all circumstances, gun ownership is contingent upon the arbitrary discretion of the SAPS.

    Recognizing the peculiar nature of their vulnerability, frightened by SAPS intimidation and the media – “Transgressors will face up to fifteen years in prison” – white South Africans in fear of imprisonment reluctantly surrendered their guns in disproportionate numbers. (Whites represent less than one-tenth of South Africa’s population.) (6)

    The ANC and CFR propaganda machine rolled out, employing the use of Police Senior Superintendent Andrew Lesch, Police Advocate Louis Kok, Police advocate Ric de Caris and Policeman Jaco Bothma to convince white gun owners that surrendering weapons was not only a public duty it was a prudent move – If they wanted to avoid prison. The application of threats and intimidation in combination with selective propagation of fear served to persuade whites to ‘dump their guns’. Fear laden messages saturated the air waves; a reflection of the combined efforts of the ANC controlled state-media and stealthy propagandist, anti-gun groups endowed with a seemingly endless flow of money.

    Simultaneously, of course, SAPS and the ANC were making it impossible for applicants to gain approval to own guns. Excessive licensing fees, 'training' fees, qualification fees and the arbitrary denial of licenses on completely nonsensical grounds - "you can phone the police; your husband can protect you…” eliminated thousands of applicants. The SAPS employed a litany of irrational reasons to keep citizens from acquiring licenses to own guns.

    South African citizens seeking gun licenses must ‘show cause, need and prove only a firearm will suffice’; this caveat allows SAPS to deny licenses based solely upon allegations the applicant failed to assert “sufficient grounds" to acquire a license. Denied licenses are allegedly stamped with the simple notation, “Insufficient Grounds - did not show need”.

    The frustration associated with the process, coupled with the extraordinary cost of purchasing a gun has convinced many South Africans to forego the process. Given that purchasing a gun consumes nearly a year’s worth of disposable wages, South Africans refuse to take their weapons to disposal sites; thus evolves one of the ‘unintended consequences’ of the FCA: The "flow of illegal guns into otherwise legal hands”.

    The FCA threatens punishment and huge fines for anyone who knowingly conceals information regarding the illegal possession of guns. Although SAPS doesn’t go so far as to pull fingernails to get admissions of complicity, relatives, friends, neighbors, bosses – anyone – is vulnerable to excessive treatment by SAPS during their relentless pursuit of illegally owned guns. Males are particularly vulnerable as South African jails are infested with inmates seeking ‘fresh meat’. Given that roughly fifty-percent of South Africa’s population is infected with AIDS, an evening in jail could be a death knell. This aspect of the SAPS and ANC initiative to make South Africa a ‘gun free’ land – with the obvious exception of criminal miscreants – is very persuasive.

    FCA regulations disallow gun owners almost all rights; essentially, gun owners, or suspected gun owners, are criminals. Based solely upon anonymous reports, a gun owner can suffer the complete loss of common-law rights without the benefit of a fair trial or the right to face his accuser.

    SAPS’ execution of the FCA is arbitrary and distinctly prejudicial. Although no record exists to support the allegations, South Africa’s white community has suffered the brunt of SAPS’ efforts to eliminate guns; based upon crime data, mostly accumulated by private groups, blacks continue to own and use guns – legally or illegally - at historically high levels. This contrasts with whites who are having their guns confiscated at alarming levels even though they contribute a minute fraction (Less than one-tenth of a percentage point) to accumulated crime statistics.

    “Ten years ago when the new firearms legislation was being introduced to Parliament the then department of safety and security was warned that it would not work. It was suggested instead that a special team be established to conduct an audit of all legal firearms. The recommendation was that, in instances where an owner had lost a weapon and failed to report it, the owner should be prosecuted, and where an owner was found to be irresponsible or did not have the ability to store the gun safely, it should be confiscated until such time as the situation had been rectified.”

    The arrival of the ANC unleashed a torrent of crime that spans all communities – regardless of race. Boer farmers have been particularly hard-hit by vicious crimes that stun the senses. According to Genocide Watch, an international group that monitors genocide, Boers are at stage six of the eight stages of genocide. The ANC treats this fact as a statistical anomaly and part of the consequential out-flow of the Apartheid years. Leaders like Julius Malema openly advocate murdering whites; President Jacob Zuma routinely sings, “Bring me my machine gun” in front of cheering crowds - while waving a machine gun in the air. These tactics do far more than induce fear in the unarmed white population; many whites suffer from chronic depression, paranoia and other manifestations that impugn the quality of their lives.

    South Africans are forced to live as prisoners: Homes are surrounded by barbed wire and electrified fences; motion sensitive lighting and sophisticated electronic surveillance act as early warning systems; security alarms alert private security forces and SAPS that a break-in/invasion is in process. When criminals penetrate these barriers, as they all too often do, the consequences to families are horrific: Mutilated and raped bodies; dismemberment; physical humiliation; senseless cruelty – In most instances, and regardless of security measures, individuals within the invaded home have been raped tortured and slaughtered by the time help arrives. In many instances someone armed with an available gun is able to ward-off intruders. Firearms must be stored in a locked safe - unless under the direct control of the licensed owner. This rule has been the causative factor leading to the needless death of armed home owners who, in the few seconds it takes criminals to invade a home, are unable to access their guns.

    The use of force, even within the home, is generally prohibited - except in extreme circumstances. Cases have been recorded where the husband was forced to watch his wife being severely beaten and raped by an armed criminal – even though the husband was armed with a gun. According to South African law, or the arbitrary execution of law, if the husband fired his gun and either wounded or killed the assailant he would be charged with a crime - because he had the unfair advantage of possessing a weapon.

    South African laws reduce decent, gun-owning citizens to the paradox of being a ‘victim-criminal’: Using a gun, regardless of circumstances, guarantees the shooter will be charged with a serious crime; not using the gun guarantees innocent blood will be let.

    South Africa’s crime pandemic is statistically confusing primarily because the ANC nullified critical elements that historically allowed police and other agencies to analyze crime. As early as 2000 the ANC altered the methods of recording crime data: The race of criminals was eliminated. Concurrently, ANC controlled state-media is forbidden from publishing the race of the criminals. Some SAPS agencies have complained that the skewed statistics prevent an honest and complete analysis of the nature and extent of crime.

    The dismal performance of the SAPS contributes to a lack of public confidence - some victims refuse to report crime, a fact that contributes to errant crime data. The situation has grown so critical numerous groups have formed for the sole purpose of collecting and disseminating crime data - these groups recognize the extraordinary vulnerability of an unarmed population.

    The disarmament of decent South African citizens allows criminals the luxury of knowing they will not meet the barrel of a gun when they invade a home, attempt to steal an occupied car or rape a child. The ANC cannot conceal this truth: The increase in South African crime is inversely proportional to the confiscation of guns; as the numbers of privately owned guns diminish the rate of crime increases.

    This fact is an obvious contradiction of anti-gun assertions that a gun-free society is a safe, loving society. Factually, responsible citizens who surrender their guns become the defenseless prey of criminals.

    South Africa provides a near perfect view of the consequences that flow from idealized attempts to control culture by stripping guns from a specific class of citizens. The logic that drives anti-gun groups to confiscate guns from responsible citizens is as incomprehensible as a highly trained heart surgeon surrendering his scalpel to Hannibal Lecter.

    South African crime exterminates the anti-gun vision that a gun-free world is a joyous, loving world. Ideologically, the ANC and anti-gun groups perceive criminals as the victims of an unfair world. With this perspective, what likelihood is there that criminals will be treated as criminals? The proof is so obvious it barely needs explanation: The ANC’s refusal to surrender its cache of weapons is a gross example of unforgivable criminal behavior that vicariously afflicts all responsible South Africans. By its behavior, the ANC underscores the reality that it is the nature of man rather than the nature of guns that inflicts immeasurable misery on humankind. (8) (9)


    (1) Conservative estimates indicate the ‘hidden’ cache of ANC weapons to include:

    · 210,000 hand grenades

    · 48,000 anti-personnel mines

    · 1,500 time devices

    · 144 tons of ammonium nitrate

    · 21.6 tons of aluminum powder

    · Tons of black powder

    · Hundreds of thousands of military weapons

    · Millions of rounds


    (2) GFSA is a handful of highly paid Soros’ propagandists. This is equally true of the Gun Control Network in the UK and elsewhere. In its first year of overt operations, GFSA received one and a half million dollars in funding - GFSA admits funding is mostly external.

    GFSA's economic reports indicate some of its funding comes from outside sources including religious groups in Holland, Germany and The Joseph Rowntree Trust in the United Kingdom. Most of GFSA’s funding, however, comes courtesy of the Open Society Foundation, a George Soros sponsored organization. Soros’ anti-gun groups and employees are interwoven in an international sphere designed to influence anti-gun, legislations. Rebecca Peters, for instance, who successfully led the attack on firearm owners in Australia, is now working for Soros’ anti-gun groups in the United States. (SEE ADDENDUM)

    (3) South Africa's Firearm Control Act (CFA) was drafted by The Institute for Security Studies (ISS). Azhar Cachalia, Mandela’s attorney, was at one time a director of ISS, as was GFSA's founder and patron, the late Sheena Duncan. For years Adele Kirsten served as GFSA's chief propagandist; she was later employed by ISS as a researcher. Antony Altbeker, who enjoys an undeserved reputation as a crime researcher and writer, wrote the anti-gun report the GFSA used to promote the FCA; under questioning, Altbeker later admitted the report was fabricated - Altbeker is now employed by ISS. Today, the incestuous relationship between these people and Soros-funded organizations is obvious.

    (4) Dr. van As, of the Red Cross Children’s Home, CHPI and MRC produced a state funded paper claiming "innocent children were being slaughtered on the streets the of Cape Flats settlements". The fraudulent nature of van As' paper was later exposed by Dr. Peter Hammond, a missionary who has pioneered evangelistic outreaches and is the founder and director of Frontline Fellowship. In fact, the ‘innocent children’ Dr. Van alluded to were gangsters indulging in drug and alcohol induced gang and turf wars – As Dr. van As later admitted, “Not one victim was under 18”.

    (5) The Firearms Control Act gives the police sweeping and unchecked powers. Anything or anyone can be searched at any time anywhere on suspicion of an "illegal" firearm - A search warrant is not needed and seldom demanded. A person must prove his innocence if an illegal firearm or anything that can be construed as a component of an illegal firearm is found during the search. Even a single cartridge anywhere on the property is enough to cause an arrest leading to formal charges. The property owner will be charged for possession of an illegal weapon - Silence is not a defense as guilt is assumed – Napoleonic Justice. (Property = house, boat, vehicle, aircraft, land, barn, etc.)

    In one recent incident, SAPS kicked in the door of a Cape Town residence, produced a search warrant (signed by the police station commander and not a judge), then proceeded to do thousands of dollars worth of damage while searching for illegal firearms. SAPS eventually realized they were at the wrong address. When the home owner asked about the unwarranted damage to his property he was told by the senior SAPS officer, “Not my problem.”

    Thousands of licenses have been and are being refused by the South African Police at the Central Firearms Registry. The situation often leads to fatal results for citizens who become the victims of SAPS’ arbitrary dispensation of gun permits. One correspondent states, “I personally know three men who were murdered because of the FCA - two were refused a license because the police stated there was “A lack of need.” The third was murdered while waiting over three years for an answer to his application.”


    The law limits the number of guns for which you can get a license, depending on your needs:

    · One gun for self-defence

    · Up to a total of four firearms for occasional hunters or sports shooters (but only one handgun)

    · No limit for dedicated hunters and sports shooters, but you must prove that you are a member of a SAPS accredited hunting or sports organization and must show a need for additional firearms

    · No limit for people who use firearms for business purposes (e.g. security companies, firearm instructors, game hunters) but strict conditions apply.

    (7) “Since the new Act came into effect on 1 July 2004, applications for firearm licenses have dropped drastically. In the past about 14,000 new firearm license applications per month were processed. The number of applications per month is now only a few hundred (personal communication, Margie Keagan, Gun Control Alliance, 13 May 2005). These statistics reflect a major shift in attitude in South Africa from the very loose controls around gun ownership in the 1990s, towards more responsible gun ownership and stricter gun control. From Fieldwork to Facts to Firearms Control: Case study Children’s Institute, University of Cape Town, August 2005”

    (8) Africa Hinterland was an overland travel company set up in the UK in the early 80s to smuggle arms into South Africa for the military struggle against the Apartheid system. It was founded by exiled members of the African National Congress and made over 40 trips into South Africa, carrying up to a ton of weapons on each trip hidden in secret compartments welded under the truck seats. The operation was never exposed at the time, and was revealed several years after the last trip had run. The story was told in the documentary film, "The Secret Safari" made in 2001, directed by Tom Zubrycki and produced by David Max Brown and Sally Brow.

    (9) 3.7 The ANC sought to persuade the committee to accept that its enquiry should embrace the illegal POSSESSION of firearms, ammunition and explosive devices, save for the arms under the control of the ANC to which reference had been made in the D F Malan Accord.

    (10) Kirsten has written an insider account of the NGO Gun Free South Africa (GFSA), an organization dedicated to “preventing violence” by reducing the number of guns available in South Africa.
    "Guns are just tools, the way they're used reflects the society they're apart of, if you don't like guns, blame it on society" ~Chris Kyle

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