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    Default Carbon Fibre Fishing Rod Factory

    During my work as land surveyor I managed to pass this factory in Sasolburg and was given a tour of the premises. They trade as Purglas or Saltus Poles and it was very interesting to see the manufacturing processes and the finished products. Manager is Gys ( and he can custom design your dream rod.

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    Default Re: Carbon Fibre Fishing Rod Factory

    Saltus Poles bought out the Purglas brand from the owners here in Durban. Purglas has always been known for making amazing fishing rods. The original ones where made from a special type of glass fibre, and I believe that the boat rods still are, and especially the blanks for Marlin.

    The new surf rods are made from very good quality graphite. A lot of guys who target big sharks use Purglas rods, they're very very good!

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