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    Default Re: advice on shooting the Z88 (and other beretta 92 clones)

    Quote Originally Posted by Dericklg View Post
    You that shoot with the Z88, do you shoot the first shot hammer
    down, if 1 up, or do you cock?

    For years I cock with my left thumb while pushing out for ready position.
    Now, the Americans taught me to shoot with hammer down and it makes
    for a longer trigger squeeze. My thirst shot is always slightly of the
    centre — sometimes on, sometimes off.

    SSP (DA first shot) vs. ESP (SA first shot).

    Cocking on the draw sounds rather dangerous to me... I'd hate to have my thumb behind the slide when that first shot goes off!
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    Default Re: advice on shooting the Z88 (and other beretta 92 clones)

    i go DA then SA - i DO NOT cock
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