Here is the tel nr's as promised
To make it shorter to type, all numbers start with 012 353 ( the nr's I give will then be the extention )
To make things clear though, this is the list I was given and I can't vouch for all off them and I hope they are more or less accurate.
I also can't say who works with which specific applications in each Region, except for Gauteng North
I will list the officers and then give the other extentions, but it will take forever to type all the names.

Lt. Col. Legoabe 6546
other numbers 6282,6542,6576,6544,6282,6239,6308,6540,6567,6576, 6167,6180,

Lt. Col. Van der Walt 6089
Capt. Mmakou 6254

Compliance Section:

Col. Pather 6039
Col. Tuge 6113
Col. Rasher 6012

Gauteng North:
Lt. Col. Morkel 6007 ( Head ) Also currently doing all competencies
Lt. Col. Semono 6129 ( Accreditations and competencies )
Major Mtlhomedi 6129 ( Competencies )
Capt. Nortier 6148 ( Licences (SAPS 271), Temp. Authorisations for SA citizens, passport holders and dealers to trade on other premises, Dealers, Gunsmiths,Manufacturers,Transport Permits, Import/Export permits for individuals and dealers and institutions)
W/O Croucamp 6148 ( Alterations, barrel changes and dealers, manufacturers and Gunsmiths)
E. Robbertson 6175 ( Bussiness and institutions )
Other numbers 6099,6148,6053,6228,6073,6159,6046,6584,6198,6159
Fax number 6075 ( Dealers in G North region can submit their returns to this fax, and individuals can fax SAPS 534's, etc to this number)

Gauteng South:
Col. Motau 6065 (Head)
Lt. Col. Mokoto 6011
Maj Lesige 6218
Capt. Abbott 6297
Capt. Lesele 6218
Other numbers 6084,6220,6047,6263,6126,6218,6261

Kwazulu Natal:
Col. Ndukula 6152 (Head)
Lt. Col. Mpungose 6248
Maj Godi 6248
Capt. Steenkamp 6090
Capt. Motau 6500
William Masilela 6500
Other numbers 6230,6206,6230,6157,6016

Western Cape:
Col. Sikhakhane 6153 (Head)
Lt. Col. Makhubela 6189
Capt. Malebe 6232
Capt. Modise 6125
Capt. Meyer 6229
Other numbers 6189,6122,6194,6072,6260,6217

Eastern Cape and Free State:
Col. Dolo 6030 (Head)
Lt. Col. Wepener 6014
Maj Aphiri 6052
Capt. Mosiane 6014
Capt. Swart 6052
Other numbers 6093,6107,6311,6056,6110,6067

North West and Northern Cape
Col. Kibido 6038 (Head)
Lt. Col. Sindane 6233
Maj Mogonyana 6304
Capt. Mothapo 6304
Capt. Du Toit 6062
Other numbers 6139,6136,6264,6314,6100,6220

Mpumalanga and Limpopo
Lt. Col. Plaatjie 6133 (Head)
Lt. Col. Kruger 6133
Other officers are Capt. Van Shalkwyk and Capt. Setshedi No numbers as of yet
Other numbers 6559,6015,6096,6577,6009,6277

I hope this helps somewhat