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    Default Colt Series 70 MKIV Government Model .45ACP

    Greetings all...

    I recently bought a second hand Colt Series 70 MKIV government model .45ACP pistol from a gun shop in Capetown.

    My knowledge pertaining to handguns are limited, hence this is my first handgun.
    However I do have knowledge of rifles and have been shooting bolt action and lever action rifles for some time, and also do my own reloading.

    Could all you handgun boffins out there maybe give me some feedback and recommendations for this gun.

    Attached you will find some pictures of my pistol.

    Here is what i know about it.
    • It is a original (not a copy) full size colt pistol based on the 1911 A1 principle.
    • It has a Wilson .45ACP barrel and fixed compensatory.
    • Aftermarket beaver tail safety, aftermarket slide lock and some sort of adjustable trigger.

    I have shot 50 rounds of S&B 230grain FMJ, as well as 100 rounds of 230grain lead cast bullets obtained at Taurus indoor range (their range ammo) and then 100 rounds of my own home loaded ammo, using also 230grain Josyd lead projectiles, 5.6grain of MP200 (50 off) and same 230grain Josyd with 5.8grain of MP200 (50 off).

    I found the higher of my two home loaded loads to of had worked the best.
    The gun had a sharp, crisp response to the 5.8grains of mp200 powder and the 230grain projectiles.
    With all other ammo I experienced frequent jams.

    This gun is equipped with a fixed braised on compensator that eliminates the original barrel bushing and locking mechanism.
    The rear of the compensator is ramped, and when the slide is fully forward it seats directly onto the ramped area of the compensator.

    I have compared the gun to a friend of mines .45ACP Norinco compact, and my slide seems to feel a bit more looser than his when in closed position.
    Could this be due to the fact that i am not using conventional barrel bushings or is my gun just used more?

    I was looking for a hand gun in the .45 caliber class and came across this one, thought the price was right and bought it.
    Now I need your expertise and experience to fine tune it.

    They were asking R4500 and I made a cash offer for R4000, so I dont think I paid to much.

    Also would you recommend removing the comp and could any one recommend a gunsmith that would do a good job to convert it back to standard barrel bushing format?

    Kind regards
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    Default Re: Colt Series 70 MKIV Government Model .45ACP

    OK, here is my not so expert opinion on it.

    I don't know if you can "reverse" the comp braising onto the barrel. You might need a new barrel. They most likely cut your slide back a bit to make room for it to fit. Your dust cover has definately been cut back. Look at that spacer/whatever is showing at the bottom where your frame and slide should meet up. There is definately a gap. It was most likely used a lot and/or the mods are what makes it rattle a bit more.

    However do not confuse rattle for less reliable. I've found that most guns with a bit of play are more robust than guns with little or no tollerence. A spot of dirt and those super tight guns jam up solidly.

    As for the comp.
    1. I love your slide profiled comp. Nobody really wants to do those anymore because they take a lot of time to make and therefore are
    pricey but damn they look nice.
    2. If you are not using really hot loads the comp doesn't do it's job. It needs high velocity rounds.

    However because your gun has been heavily customized internally more than externally I think it would be more worth your while to just leave it as is. Cause what I can see you'll need a frame, slide, replace the recoil guide rod + possibly the recoil spring. I can't even think what a new frame and slide is going to cost you.

    The other changes are cosmetic and I wouldn't worry about those.
    But that is just my non-expert observations.

    What do you want to use this gun for?

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    Default Re: Colt Series 70 MKIV Government Model .45ACP

    Hi There.

    The gun is registered as self defense as i wanted more slots available for hunting rifles.
    It is also a carry weapon, and i wear it under my overalls all day long with no hassles.

    I have a few friends that are amateur pin shooters and i would like to in near future also take up pin shooting.
    As for now, when ever i go to the range or farm she tags along and i use the opportunity to shoot her.
    Even my wife has taken a liking to this spesific gun and is contemplating a 1911 A1 for herself.


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