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    Default Contact numbers at the CFR that are actually useful?

    Does anybody here have any useful phone numbers at the CFR in the following areas? Please? :)

    1. Appeals on relicincing\new applications
    2. The place that sends out letters informing us of their decisions

    I have called a supt there almost 15 times over the last three months (appeals) and I have gotten absolutely nowhere.

    1. Phone not answered
    2. Messages taken, never called back
    3. Never called back, not in office when told to phone again
    4. Nothing done about my query

    I sent in an appeal on a relicencing app in January and cannot get ANY info. A new licence was denied about two months ago and I get no further info. It's pathetic! md217

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    Default Re: Contact numbers at the CFR that are actually useful?

    The only number i know of and use is the call center number 012 353 6111

    Will try get more

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    Default Re: Contact numbers at the CFR that are actually useful?

    Thanks HGS. I actually got somewhere yesterday for the first time. It all depends on who you get on the other end of the phone. I did have to phone about 8 times to eventually get someone to help me. Looks like you have to keep caling and ignore the idiots that hang up/forward you to purgatory.

    I got my refusal letter out of them by fax. Its a long list of what I failed to do right. Seems like a generic collection of refusal reasons.

    The other appeal I sent in January has not even been touched because they are waiting for the original re-licencing application from the province.

    I'm typing up an appeal and its already 18 pages long. I'm going down to Title Deed level type motivation. :D

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    Default Re: Contact numbers at the CFR that are actually useful?


    I hope your 18 pages pays off............

    Have you considered legal advice on the matter?

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    Default Re: Contact numbers at the CFR that are actually useful?

    Quote Originally Posted by Corné

    I hope your 18 pages pays off............

    Have you considered legal advice on the matter?
    Yes, I enquired about legally armed, but I've decided to try and do it on my own. If the appeal board turns me down I'll apply for a new licence again. I cannot believe how much they want do disarm law abiding citizens...

    I'm in a better position than most, I do have my shotgun for at least the next ten years and my current gun for 4 more. The target .22lr pistol will probably be in relicencing limbo for the forseeable future and therefore legal as well ;D

    Anybody else involved in licencing battles?

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    Default Re: Contact numbers at the CFR that are actually useful?

    Not yet but pretty soon I will. I am in the last batch and want to go in with all at one go - Relicense 2 x 9mmP + Single Shot Shotgun and apply for 303 + Pump Action + 3rd 9mm + 45ACP. It will be as follows:-

    1 x 9mmP for SD
    2 x 9mmP for Dedicated Sport Shooting (Myself and my Son) for IPSC
    1 x 45ACP for Occasional Sport Shooting in IDPA (Al thought a distance, I will rejoin IDPA in George)
    1 x Single Shot Shotgun for Occasional Hunting
    1 x Pump Action for 3 Gun Shooting
    1 x 303 for Occasional Hunting

    Then I will work on the finance for a DASHPROD for 3 Gun............

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    Default Re: Contact numbers at the CFR that are actually useful?

    So my appeal is all typed up and in study blue a binder. It so neat and tidy I would personally grant the licence if I were on the board without even reading the thing :D

    After lurking on I found some useful info for everyone (my DFO did not even know):

    1. From the time they acknowledge receipt (which they should do by law) they have 90 days to decide and let you know.
    2. Attach a copy of the refusal letter in your appeal.
    3. You can fax your appeal to them, or have it hand delivered. I'm going to have it hand delivered.
    4. It should take about 10 days to get registered (according to DFO)

    1) An appeal by a person referred to in section 133 of the Act, must be noted by the person or his or her legal representative -

    a) within 90 days after the date on which the Registrar made the decision; and

    b) by submitting an appeal notice to the Appeal Board in the form prescribed in Annexure "A" to these regulations.

    2) An appeal notice must clearly indicate the decision that was taken, the date of the decision, ground or grounds of appeal, and by attaching written submissions in support of the appeal to the appeal notice.

    3) The Appeal Board may condone the late submission of an appeal notice on good cause shown by the appellant why it was impossible for him or her to comply with the relevant provision as to time, or that there is any other sound reason why the appellant cannot or could not comply with such provision.

    4) A copy of the notification contemplated in regulation 89(c) must be attached to appeal notice.

    5) An appeal must be submitted to the Appeal Board by hand, facsimile or by post and must be addressed to the Chairperson of the Appeal Board at the following addresses or numbers -

    Postal address: Private Bag X811, Pretoria, 0001;

    Physical address: Ground Floor, Veritas Building, Volkstem Avenue, Pretoria;

    Facsimile address: (012) 353 6211;

    E-mail address:

    6) The Appeal Board must acknowledge receipt of an appeal notice and the date of such receipt in writing, and may do so by post, facsimile or by appending the acknowledgment on a copy of the appeal notice in the event of the appeal being delivered by hand.

    7) The Appeal Board must inform the relevant official who made the decision in question of the appeal, supply him or her with a copy of the documents referred to in sub-regulation (2), and request him or her to respond in writing within 21 days, as to why the appeal should not be upheld.

    8) The Appeal Board may request an appellant or the appellant’s legal representative to address the Board during the hearing of that appeal, in which case the Appeal Board shall inform the appellant and the official in question that oral representation by the parties will be allowed during the hearing, and afford both parties the opportunity of making oral submissions during the hearing.

    9) Subject to the provisions of section 133(3) of the Act the Appeal Board may, if it deems it necessary, request additional evidence of facts from any party, in order to allow it to come to a just and fair decision.

    10) The Appeal Board must -

    a) finalise an appeal within 45 days after expiry of the 21 days contemplated in sub-regulation (7); and

    b) notify an appellant, or his or her legal representative in writing of the outcome of an appeal, within 14 days of the Appeal Board’s decision.

    11) Nothing in this regulation must be construed as referring to a decision of a court acting under section 103 of the Act.

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