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    Default the old "SAHARA ARMS" rifles...any owners??

    My first ever paycheck (R4000) as a guide went to the old SAHARA ARMS of pretoria west as a deposit on my very first firearm 10 years ago.

    I bought a black wallnut plank, zastava k98 action and a steel pipe with that.

    My license took 6 weeks to be aprooved and it took 10 weeks to finish building my rifle.

    End result:
    .375 h&h
    Classic english stock.
    Heavy barrel.
    Schnabel (spelling) fore end.
    Total cost: R8500

    On my license it says its a Vector which I know its not, as I've seen later vectors and mine looks nothing like it. Come to think of it, I don't think ill ever see one like mine.

    I love the rifle and know that they developed their own alox action called a "lynx" at some stage.

    Just curious as to who owns a SAHARA ARMS rifle and what they think of them.

    I don't call mine a Vector and am not sure what to call it.

    Lovely for sure, but maybe its just a "SAHARA"?

    I know its no show piece, but its mine and shoots straight :D

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    Default Re: the old "SAHARA ARMS" rifles...any owners??

    I have been off this forum for a while and have been tied up in other forms of hunting (handgun,muzzleloader, bow, crossbow, spear, slingbow).

    I just got so excited the other day when I got a excuse to pull out the big gun (to me) that has been dormant for a few years that I have to share. Buddies of mine have shot more with this rifle over the last 5 years than I have because I choose to handicap myself with more challenging weapons.

    Had to turn the meat, sorry forgot what I was on about, anyway....

    I change hobbies like under pants, not that often but often enough....I'm glad to have the old girl out the safe for a change, almost as exciting as receiving a new weapon.

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