I have just received Tactical Night Vision Company drop in LED lamp modules to upgrade Surefire G2,G3,6P,6PD,9P,Z2,G2Z,C2,C3 an M2 lights.

This module replaces the original reflector and lamp in the mentioned Surefire lights.

The LED module and custom "orange peel" reflector provides a very good spot with generous side spill resulting in a very usable tactical light beam.

The LED is a Cree Q5 with a blinding 250lumen output from 2 x CR123s and a runtime of 2 hours. 250lumens output is around 4 times the output of the standard incandescent bulb and 2.5 times the output of the surefire LED modules.

The modules fir perfectly into the mentioned lights allowing the light cover to screw down all the way with no gaps.

Price = R475 - shipping from Pretoria excluded.