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    I point a desktop fan towards the wiper motor and transformer to keep them cool. Seems to work well. I also use 2kg of pins irrespective of the number of brass in the drum.

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    Im almost finished with mine.

    I used a 20l JoJo drum, and a bus wiper motor with a 12v 20amp power supply ( only one i could find in town, my motor has to run backwards to grab the bolt to turn the drum, but the problem is i just read that its not supposed to run backwards thats why its getting hot? I ran it for 40min and couldn't touch it.

    The only other problem is its leaking at the tap but thats a simple fix.

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    I built myself a tumbler from the scrapyard. it took me about 2 hrs to slap together and cost me nothing.
    the table is an old woodworking clamp table thing, adjustind the tracking of the belt is simply done with the old clamping mechanism.

    The motor is from a discarded carpet shampoeing machine , 400w with 2 gearboxes and 2 shafts that used to take 2 rotary brushes.
    I had to extend the shaft that I am using and I removed the old grease from the gearboxes and repacked it with new grease.

    The rollers has bearings inside so the shafts are simple 10mm round bar.
    The pully on the roller is an old trolleyjack wheel.

    I have a bunch of different bottles that I use, but I prefer this old sodastream bottle. I takes only 200 x 9mmP cases , but I rarely do big batches.

    It does not look nearly as good as the others on this tread, but total cost of the build is R0 and it has done 15 batches varying from 50 x9mmP to 200 x 308 Win/ batch so far with no problems.

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