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    Default Rock Pigeon Guiness Pie

    10 Rock pigeon breasts
    4 Medium Potatoes
    1 cup 250ml frozen mixed veg
    1 medium onion
    1 punet sliced mushrooms
    1 packet brown onion soup
    1 tin Guiness
    200ml water
    10ml olive oil
    1 dried chilli

    Wash the breasts and dicethe potatoes into cubes then place together in a pressure cooker and boil for 1hour.
    open pot strain away the water and separate the potatoes and meat
    run the breasts under cold water and then strip with your fingers into shredsremoving all bones
    chop the onion and chili and fry with the meat in the olive oil
    add the frozen veg, the mushrooms and the packet of soup
    mix everything together and then add the water, the tin of guiness and thepotatoes
    bring to the boil stirring all the time
    once it is boiling turn the stove down and allow to simmer while stirring every2 min.

    leave to simmer for 10min and then turn off and allow it to cool down

    put puff pastry in a glass dish as per instruction on the packet
    pore the cooled down mix into the dish
    put a pc of rolled out pastry on the top and pinch the sides
    paint with egg
    put in a pre heated oven of 200 for 45min or until pastry is brown
    remove and serve
    it goes best with Jack Daniels on ice.

    i tried it this last wekend and there was not a scrap left betwean 4 people

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    Default Re: Rock Pigeon Guiness Pie

    sounds good we get stacks of them here

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