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    Default reflex suppressor

    Hi everyone. I posted this on the tactical secton and got no replies, so i am asking it here again.

    I am looking to buy a full reflex suppressor for my CZ 30-06. I have quotes from Numenor in Pta and John Brussel in Capetown (where i stay). Have anyone baught a can in cape town from one of the local gunshops? Would it be worth me shipping it to Gauteng for a can?

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    Default Re: reflex suppressor

    My vote is for Numenor.... I've got one of their reflex's on a .22.... What a joy! Worth the effort!

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    Default Re: reflex suppressor

    Hi Stephan I have got one (a reflex) that I bought through and had fitted by Harrison Brothers in Durbanville (021 979 1739), I am very happy with everything APART from the little thread protector cap (that you put on when you do not have the suppressor fitted), which is painted alu and scratches very easily. The suppressor is in two parts that screw together (like most reflex suppressors), and so far cleaning has been relatively easy. Did the first clean after 140 shots. BTW: What is a "FULL" reflex?...on mine, only half the suppressor's length is back over the barrel.
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    Morning chaps. In Europe Silentum r now making a half lenght reflex suppressor called a "sound stopper" that's very effective at 25 -35 db. Thanks for both your imputs. Bernie Sharp from PE have done a lot of research on this and it is available on the net. He can also make one on special order. But he does not fit them. What makes Numenor's products better than i.e Bernie's? I am still to speak to City Guns and the chaps in Plumstead for their inputs. Feels like i am re inventing da wheel here! Or am i just to inquisitive?

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