Overberg Boat Club is situated on Dangerpoint -Kleinbaai/Gansbaai. If you want to take angling more serious or just have fun, come join our Boat Club! We are affliated to Wp and SADSSA, so your record fish will be given it's due! I got my 1st SA record last year! We partake in the Western Province Inshore South and West Leagues, and we fish light tackle boat- 6 to 10kg line class. We also have boat storage facilities, or come build your own boatshed. There is a variety of fish species to be hunted, and local boat club knowledge may just help you to turn your life story around, as in the big one didn't get away!! Main species - Red Stumpnose/miss lucy, Kob, Geelbek, Yellow Tail, Snoek, Red Roman, Hottentot, Silvervis/Carpenter, makriel, Cray fish/kreef etc. Unfotunatley the perly recreational season is closed permantly!
The Overberg Rock & Surf Club also uses our premises, which is a better option if you dont have sea legs and are prone to motion of the ocean sickness!
We are the Big Two Town - Great White Shark Capital of the World and Soutern Right, Humpback and Brides Whales! Please dont try catch these!!
We have the cutest Jackass (nothing to do with the movie!) Penguins that will put Happyfeet to shame!!!
We have quite a few Night Clubs in Gansbaai, but not to worry, as this has nothing to do with our healthy Cape Fur Seal population!

If you are interrested, give me a call - Stephen on: Zero Eight Three 2856478 or email me - stephen@romanbay.co.za