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My PX4C with the competition trigger and 12lb hammer spring is one one of the best EDC/Combat pistol triggers I have ever used. Trigger upgrade enhancement review and data can be read here http://www.gunsite.co.za/content/gun...pact-thoughts/

I find the PX4C to be extremely reliable and see no reason why the PX4 will not be the same - Ernest Langdon verified it anyway.

Adding grip texture to the PX4 and PX4C is very easy with the Talon grip. I have used a Talon (the same one) on my PX4C in EDC for more than 2 years and 6 months and it is still gtg.
The Beretta Storm by Deon Storm ;)

Very interesting and thank you for the input. After my brief affair with the full size 9 mmP, I got intrigued by the 45ACP version and neglected to look at the C. Maybe time to revisit.

Once again thank you for your great review.