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    Default Re: Can 9mmP gun fire 9mmK ammo?

    In a bizarre set of circumstances a single 9mmS reload once made it into my G19. It fired alright, but did not cycle the slide. That's how it was discovered. No idea what the load was or where it came from.

    Then, I once picked up a couple of 9mm Mak cases that had my marking on the head. They seem to have made it through my reloading procedure totally undetected. Fired without issues as well, but the load was at proper 9mmP specs. Just the headspace was incorrect.

    I use these examples to justify my OCD w.r.t. reloading procedures.

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    Default Re: Can 9mmP gun fire 9mmK ammo?

    Quote Originally Posted by johanctz9 View Post
    you may only have ammunition for the firearm licenced to you as per your firearm licence. Having a 357 does not allow you to have 38sp ammo etc
    The ulimate excuse to buying a 38spl revolver to go with your .357mag revolver

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