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    Default Re: Tamboti Toyota Firearms festival: 30 August 2014

    Firearms Festival 2014:

    We really worried about the weather - the previous week was very windy indeed.
    The big tent erected for the festival was almost blown over. The target frames were blown over, even the falling plates wouldn't stay upright. Then there was the prediction of the cold front moving in from the South.

    The regular visitors started to arrive on Friday, and pitched their tents. The wind presented a challenge, but they would not be put off shooting that easily.
    There were a few campers less, than previous years, something I attribute to the economy and the high fuel price. However, there were more campers from close by, who seemed to enjoy camping here just to get into the spirit of the festival!

    As Saturday morning dawned, I couldn't believe my eyes: the large bisley flag was hanging straight down - not a breeze. Ah well, it will start soon enough, it is August after all. But no, it was the best weather you could hope for at a shooting event. The calm stayed for the whole day, in fact the lack of wind caused a bit of a problem during the Boer and Brit shoot later the day, because the dust cloud stayed on the range and made the falling plates almost invisible.

    The eye of the storm maybe, because on Sunday morning it started blowing again.

    We allowed the range officers to shoot their ProAmm turns from 07h00 to 08h00, to be able to open their ranges at 08h00.

    After that we opened the day with a shot from "Ou Grietjie" the Voortrekker cannon. That sure was a blast from the past!
    The owner of the cannon, Johan Greyling, had built it himself to the exact specifications of the original cannon in the Voortrekker museum. It was a privilege to see him in action, explaining the loading and safety procedures.

    After 08h00 all ranges started in earnest.

    ProAmm grouping shoot:
    Pro-amm were accommodating 14 shooters per relay, in all the PMP calibres.
    At the end of the day we had shot 894 targets.
    The best grouping was shot by Hanne Hurst, a well known lady on our range.
    She was also in charge of the active hunting range. her grouping of 3,82 mm with a 7 x 57 Mauser, is the best group in the 16 years we are doing the Firearms Festival!

    Big Bore range:
    At this range the guys from BASA (Big Bore association of South Africa) stress tested the wannabee big game hunters.
    Calibers from 9,3 mm and up were allowed, and the targets were lion, leopard and buffalo.

    Active Hunting range:
    Hanne Hurst (the winner of the ProAmm shoot) was in charge here.
    A hunting simulation, but shot with .22 rifles. Only two shooters could be accommodated at a time, and this kept Hanne and her helpers busy till late.

    Clay target range:
    Here we had a combination of a trap machine and a skeet machine.
    Shooters were challenged with three clays per round. Nobody could shoot a full score, though we had four 6/7 scores.
    We were sponsored by Leco clay targets, who provided their new targets made of an eco-friendly lime (calcium ) compound.

    Junior training:
    As usual, Herman de Lange, spent his hours training the shooters of tomorrow. Herman has been doing this since our first firearm festival in 1999, and some of his trainees, were now range officers at the ProAmm shoot!

    Muzzle Loader:
    Though hampered by a shortage of Sannadex, Johan Greyling (owner of Ou Grietjie) coached people in shooting either a flintlock , Brown Bess, a percussion Kentucky rifle or a 1/12 scale Napoleon era cannon (calibre .577).

    Handgun Range:
    Here Gunsiters Craig and Chris really added value to the festival.
    Allowing the public to shoot their own firearms under strict guidance.
    Some of our local SAS shooters were really impressed with the steel targets provided by Dickie/Tactical quartermaster.

    The guys from Tacshac could unfortunately not attend. In 2013, their range was a real treat. We really hope this is the last time they are on AWOL.
    (Their reasons are almost legitimate though.)

    Boer and Brit shoot:
    When the ranges started closing at 16h30, everybody gathered at the new Boer/Brit range. Falling plates 16 per team of four, sporting either the Union Jack or the ZAR flag were the targets.
    The shooting was fast and furious, the doppies were flying, but again the cool deliberate shooters proved again: one slow hit, is worth more than two fast misses! At times the targets were completely obscured by the dust, due to the dry ground, and the lack of wind.
    In the end it was team "Jopie Fourie" who gained the honours by downing their targets in 29 seconds!
    Sadly Bullers Barstids and De Wets donders were absent ; But WATCH THIS SPACE IN 2015!!!

    After the Boer/Brit shoot I had the honour to shoot our closing shot with Grietjie. At the very last moment, I realized that I had forgotten my ear protection - but how bad could it really be? When my fuse found the ignition hole in the low light, I did not hear the shot - I was engulfed by the blast!
    Fortunately I had my glasses on, but it was quite an experience!

    After Grietjie's goodnight, we all gathered in the tent, for the prizegiving ceremony.

    Then we devoured the two kudus in the shape of sosaties, wors and potjiekos.

    Our participants, range officers, and guests had proven once more that a group of 500 people could have a lot of fun with firearms, and be completely safe.
    Firearm Festival 2014 was enjoyed by all!

    (I was promised photos, please load them friends!)

    Willie barnard

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    Default Re: Tamboti Toyota Firearms festival: 30 August 2014

    It sounds like a lot of fun and most certainly an event I would like to attend, with my family, in future.

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    Default Re: Tamboti Toyota Firearms festival: 30 August 2014

    You'll like it even more when the photos start appearing Prado.

    There is free camping, and accommodation can be arranged if you are not the camping type.

    Willie Barnard

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    Default Re: Tamboti Toyota Firearms festival: 30 August 2014

    We love camping and that would be one of the things we look forward to.

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    Pity I could not make it this year but we will be back in 2015!

    Do you have a set date for 2015 yet Doc?
    "You don't step into the attack - You fucking detonate into it ." - Kelly McCann

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    Default Re: Tamboti Toyota Firearms festival: 30 August 2014

    The date for 2015 is not quite certain yet.
    It will probably be the last Saturday of August again.
    Gunsite will be the first to know.


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