Puppet on a string
A whole bunch of people and even a puppet or two are lately arguing the New South Africa, the Old South Africa and everything between that happened the last 300 years.
It made me think about perception and how differently people can view a person, a group or even events.
Let’s take Shaka Zulu: A murderous plundering King of terror that caused the destruction of countless tribedoms in the north-eastern part of the country..or..the greatest Zulu King that ever lived, that revolutionised warfare in the region with brilliant tactics and superb weapons?
British colonisation that brought learning to the black tribes in the region, established western civilisation and developed the country to reflect the best infrastructure in Africa..or..murderous, plundering slave traders who instituted the class system, using cheap local labour to obtain the country’s wealth and riches for the greater glory of the British Empire?
The Boer nation, a nation that only ever wanted autonomy and a chance to govern themselves. To have a place they call home where they can work, play and worship in their own language, culture and believes. A folk that loves the land and soil, who nurtures it and make it productive..or..a thieving group of vigilantes that stole the land from the black tribes and subjecting them to 300 years of poverty and oppression.
The argument against Steve, Dan, Sunette and the likes of them is that they support the Apartheid system and everything it stands for. Therefore they must be racist, backwards and does not belong in this beautiful, all inclusive, rainbow nation. I have not heard, or read, anywhere that Steve, Dan, Sunette or the likes of them ever said that Apartheid was good and that they want it back. Prove me wrong…
I do read that they, and people like them, long for the law and order that existed in the past. They long for the excellent infrastructure we had, maintained and even upgraded timeously. The effective civil service we had as opposed to what we have now, the low crime rates and negligible corruption.
I read that they, and people like them, also dreamed of a New South Africa, where Apartheid is abolished and everybody can be equal. Where special projects are launched to uplift previously disadvantaged communities and assist with their education and development. Where equal equity and affirmative action work hand in hand, meaning that where two applicants apply for a job, both with equal qualifications, affirmative action would prevail to redress inequalities from the past.
Steve, Dan, Sunette and the likes of them have never said that previously disadvantaged groups do not deserve to be treated as equals, to get top positions, or that projects should not be launched to wipe out inequalities. They do object to reverse racisms where laws are actively implemented that says: ‘Blacks only’ They object to wrongful implementation of affirmative action where it causes the collapse of our infrastructure and poor service delivery due to the replacement of skilled white workers with unskilled previously disadvantaged workers. This was never the dream of the New South Africa.
If this is your dream, to live in a land where literally ALL infrastructures are falling apart around us, where crime is out of hand, corruption goes to the top and racist laws are actively applied to redistribute wealth instead of creating new wealth, then I will be so bold to call you a terrorist. Because that is the result of terrorism.
When workers are appointed on grounds of skill instead of skin colour.
When government actively roots out corruption.
When infrastructures are maintained.
When crime is actively addressed and fought
When service delivery is given priority
Then, and only then, might Steve, Dan, Sunette and the likes of them start to feel part of this beautiful country, where we can all play a part and help advance this rainbow nation of ours.