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    Exclamation Sas statement on SISS-SA

    It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

    Well, at Sports Adventure Shooting (Sas) we sure are flattered by the decision of a new shooting sport to imitate our recipe, but we are not too amused at the direct copying of our principles, structure and logo.

    Especially seeing as the copying was done without even asking us for permission, let alone receiving it.

    That the new ‘sport’ seems to be a for-profit organisation also does not help.

    I am referring to what seems to be a start-up shooting sport in the Western Cape called Suarez International Sport Shooting (SISS-SA).

    Even a cursory glance at the two websites (SISS-SA and Sas) will show the similarities… no, blatant copying. In fact, the page description (in the top of one’s browser) still reads “Sport Adventure Shooting Western Cape – South Africa”.

    *Update: As at 09h30 this morning, it is still like that, albeit with a new logo:

    At present it seems that only the name of the website and the organisation has been changed (Update: and a new logo added to most pages), but everything else is still word for word the Sas content… even down to the Sas logo still being used, even on the application forms.

    Here is the back story: Sas Western Cape was started up in 2013 after Camouflage762 had demo’ed the Sas concept to the Cape Town boys the previous December. They held their first Level 1 in April 2013 and the club started growing and hosting more qualification and training days.

    Up here in Gauteng we were very excited about the new club and looked forward to some WC members attending the 2014 Annual Delville Wood Memorial Competition with the plan being to have the WC host the 2015 event.

    Unfortunately the WC chapter experienced some upheavals in mid-2014 and by the end of last year the WC club was officially disbanded. Since then some of the members have gotten together and decided to revive the WC chapter. As such the issues were not widely known and or broadcast, seeing as the local boys were working on it.

    Imagine our surprise then when, yesterday morning, we noticed that the old Sas WC website has a new name… but still exactly the same content. It seems that one of the active former members have decided to start another shooting sport with a link to an international brand name.

    Now, at Sas we have an approach of the more, the merrier, and we will always welcome any and every new shooting sport into the fold. We would also gladly partake and cooperate where our disciplines overlap. We are also more than willing to advise and assist where requested.

    In this case however it saddens us to see that our own discipline (which, by the way, was built from the ground up with blood, sweat and hard work) is so shamelessly copied to create something which, on the face of it, is a venture for financial gain.

    While this is only a deduction at this stage, the fact that Suarez International is a brand name and business leads us to believe that this venture is a for-profit organisation. We wish to make it clear however that we do not currently believe that the international organisation is involved or even aware of this current situation, but that it is a local company (who is known to us) who is currently riding on the Sas formula and hard work.

    How is this for a blatant copy:

    Sports Adventure Shooting homepage:

    Suarez International Sport Shooting South Africa homepage:

    *Update: the above screenshot was taken yesterday. By this morning it had been edited. Slightly:

    At least we got our annual competition back. ;o)

    Sports Adventure Shooting wishes to therefore place it on record that Suarez International Sport Shooting South Africa is not affiliated or linked to Sports Adventure Shooting in any way.

    The use of the name Sports Adventure Shooting, the Sas Logo, Sas mission statement, structure and all other Sas items was not requested from nor approved by Sports Adventure Shooting and is therefore not authorised.

    Sports Adventure Shooting has requested the owners of the SISS-SA website to cease the use of Sas content immediately, both in writing on email and by phone). On Monday 19 January 2014 by 11h30 am this had been done, and the responsible party had given his verbal undertaking to edit the website and to take it down while this is done.

    By 09h30 this morning, while some superficial editing has been done (most notably the insertion of a new, different logo and the removal of the online application form), the rest of the website remains and the copied parts are still there. Thus the reason for our statement.

    We trust that our request will be adhered to in short order and we wish Suarez International Shooting Sport – South Africa all the best with their endeavours for the future.


    Sports Adventure Shooting EXCO
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    Default Re: Sas statement on SISS-SA

    I wonder if anyone on GS is a member. Maybe some light could be shed that way...

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    "Trespassers will be welcomed, and served a light lunch"

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    Default Re: Sas statement on SISS-SA

    Waiting to see how this unfolds.

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    Default Re: Sas statement on SISS-SA

    Mooi.... werk hulle sake vir hulle!

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    Default Re: Sas statement on SISS-SA

    "Always remember to pillage before you burn"
    Unknown Barbarian

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    Default Re: Sas statement on SISS-SA

    Not cool at all!!

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    Imitation is flattery, but good old fashioned plagiarism is nothing but weakness.

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    Default Re: Sas statement on SISS-SA

    Don’t take life too seriously, no one gets out alive.

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    Default Re: Sas statement on SISS-SA

    Nothing wrong with a request for collaboration, but simply copying the SAS concept is weak. This again reinforces how little confidence people have in their own abilities

    Good luck to the SISS(I)`s!

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