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    Default awaiting firearm licence

    HI guys

    I am new to this forum.

    I have for the last few years started reading and surfing teh net about guns, old new, antiques ect and have a new found love for them.Even taken over fishing........

    Anyway I have in 2005 February did my proficiency training, waited until 2006 October for the certificate, Then took eactly a year for teh competancy certificate.

    I have this year in march applied for teh licence, CZ 75 self defence.

    On numerous calls to CFR, provincial office ect i have found that my application is sitting in the registration department at CFR.

    Id like to know if any of you know what happens now, ?

    If someone recieves a competancy, is it likely to be rejected at the licence phase ect?


    Im going to follow up on friday.


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    Default Re: awaiting firearm licence

    hey Zaheer,

    Welcome to the forum, and congrats on the competency. It normally takes about 2 months, I've seen, to get the license after the competency is approved. I am not sure if getting the competency is related to actually getting the license, other than the fact that you can not get a license without it, perhaps someone else has a better idea.

    Have you called the CFR to ask what the status of your license is? They have various stages, at some point they can tell you when it is scheduled to go before the people who decide your fate. You can perhaps ask them what the system says your status is.

    Good luck, hope it goes through.

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    Default Re: awaiting firearm licence

    Thanks Gizmo. will call them tomorrow.

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    Default Re: awaiting firearm licence

    The app can sit at CFR reception so to speak for a few months, on average all my licenses bar one have spent an average of three months at that stage prior to going to final consideration.

    Despite competency they can and often do deny licenses but with a good motivation (especially those that have had a little thirdy party help) the app stands a reasonable chance of success

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    Default Re: awaiting firearm licence

    Zaheer, anything to report?

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    Default Re: awaiting firearm licence

    Hi guys,
    I have just applied for my very first firearm and have been quiet worried about the application process. I just received a sms from DFO that the Competency Certificate is receiving attention. I know this process used to take years but what is the average waiting time at the moment?
    Cheers, Marcia

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