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    Default Martini Henry .455 rifle

    Hi to all

    My friend has a Martini Henry .455 breech loader rifle, its got a date on it, 1888.

    What is this worth to a collector or to a museum, cause he wants to sell it. if any one can help to tell me where he can go to sell it or who ever wants to buy it, ill apprciate it.

    thanks david

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    Depends on the condition and model. Other things that count or the condition of the bore, whether it has its oringinal cleaning rod or not or if it has been sporterised

    1888 will most likely be a Mk III.

    Pubhlish some photos for me to indentify

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    Sorry, can't be a .455.
    Webley = .455
    Martini = 577/450

    They have to be strictly original condition to be worth anything. That means no rebluing, no cutting of the wood, and no sanding. They aren't fetching huge prices on the auctions currently, but the condition, variations and markings can change that drastically.


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