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    Default Skilhunt H03 Headlamp

    Hi all

    Before I begin, in the interest of full disclosure the headlamp in this review was sent to me for reviewing purposes by GearBest.


    With that out of the way, let the review begin!

    Over the last week or so I've been playing with the Skilhunt H03 LED Headlamp, which piqued my interest due to the inclusion of a Cree XM-L2 LED. I have heard and read a lot of positive reviews on other Cree XM-L2 based flashlights, so when I saw the price of the Skilhunt H03 I was intrigued. Where most headlamps and torches with similar technology retail for R1000 and over, the Skilhunt H03 is priced at just over 50 USD.

    To be perfectly honest, I had my doubts at first. I think as a people, South Africans are inherently sceptical of lower-priced equipment which claims big features. “Made in China” is all too often associated with cheap junk. I was therefore pleasantly surprised when the neat yellow and grey box arrived with the headlamp I was to review.

    The H03 looks well made, with a black anodized finish to the aluminium body and aggressive chequering to the grip. The headlamp comes from the factory with a flood lens which can be removed by undoing four small screws, and replaced with an aftermarket lens if a different beam profile is required. I chose to keep the flood lens attached as it provides a wide, even beam with good spread and no hotspot.

    Also inside the box was an elastic headband with rubber loops for mounting it to your head, a belt clip for carrying it as a torch and a spare butt cap and O-ring. There is also an English user manual which was surprisingly well-written.

    Now, for the juicy details! The H03 advertises 1200 LED Lumens, which as many in the know will tell you is an absolutely meaningless figure. The actual useful light output depends on which batteries are used. According to the manual and what I’ve read online, using two CR123A batteries results in a max output of 900 lumens, while using a single 18650 battery gives a max output of 700 lumens.

    There is only one button on the H03 and a system of single, double, triple, and long presses are used to change between modes. There are four main brightness levels, each with two sub-levels, and three different strobe modes. When switching on the headlamp, it is possible to directly select the last used level, low or turbo modes by using different button presses. A single press switches on to the last used setting, a double press to turbo, and a long press to the low mode. I found this particularly useful as I had easy access to low mode to avoid blinding myself at night, or in turbo mode for when I wanted to illuminate the whole garden at night.

    I used the H03 as my EDC torch for a week and was really impressed with its performance. It fits easily into my pocket and works well as a torch, although the LED is on the side rather than on the end as with conventional torches. Attaching it to my belt with the provided belt clip allows me to walk around with both hands free without resorting to the elastic head bands. I’ve used it as a work light by sticking the magnetic base to anything from a cabinet to Land Rover body panels and it has never budged. My only complaint is that my wife keeps stealing it from me!

    So, to summarise:

    Small, Lightweight, Good brightness, Magnetic Base, Price

    Brightness is not infinitely adjustable; Controls take some getting used to

    Conclusion: I have thoroughly enjoyed the Skilhunt H03 and will continue to use it as my EDC due to its utility, brightness and compactness. The only problem now is that I need to get one for the Missus as well!

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    Skilhunt H03 Headlamp
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    Default Re: Skilhunt H03 Headlamp

    Enjoyable review well done pigeon

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