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    Default Some questions on Glock maintenace

    Hi guys,

    A few questions with regards to maintenance on a Glock.

    When do you guys replace your recoil spring assembly, striker spring and trigger spring ? I've heard around 5000 rounds is a good time for a carry gun?
    Also, when do you replace mag springs and can one buy the springs separately or do you buy new mags ?
    When does the slide lock spring and mag release spring need to be replaced ?
    Are there any springs or maintenance parts that I am forgetting ?

    And how often do you clean your Glock that you carry ? After every range trip ?


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    Default Re: Some questions on Glock maintenace

    Figure I've heard most often is 5000 rounds for recoil spring on older gens, and longer for gen 4.
    For mag springs, the advice I've received is that they wear out at the same speed as the rest of the mag, so replace the whole thing.
    I clean every 3rd or so trip, but you need to make sure it works afterwards, so maybe cleaning before a range trip isn't a bad idea?

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    Default Re: Some questions on Glock maintenace

    One of the more crucial areas to clean a Glock, is the firing pin and the channel in which it lives. cleaning everywhere that you can see with the naked eye is usually sufficient, but depending on how much you shoot, i would recommend removing the firing pin, and clean it and the firing pin channel making sure you remove all the accumulated gunk. There is a finite buildup of carbon on the shoulder of the firing pin, which if left untreated can build up sufficiently leading to light strikes. I experienced this with my G22 while shooting standard in ipsc. After cleaning said channel the problem went away immediately. How to do it? youtube is your friend....

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