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    Default Re: And now for something completely different.

    That's speedy Samizat45......really fast. You must be at the press and totally focused....... pushing the pace along. Also, is that an you did 120 rounds in 15 minutes or so and estimated what it would be to keep going and do the full 500....... or did you actually pump out 500 rounds in one hour?

    I'm impressed! They say it can be done though.....and clearly you say you did it.

    I think though that to be totally accurate, Dillon should reflect all the other time spent as far as how many rounds per hour is possible. Tumbling and cleaning, sorting, primer pocket work, prepping for the session.....arranging new bullets and cases to be loaded, charging the primer tubes, changing out the toolhead to the caliber to be loaded, cleaning out the powder for a previous caliber and filling up with the powder to be used.....checking the powder drop and adjusting, running a few test rounds and checking seating depth and adjusting say for a new bullet to be used....etc etc.......and of course running random rounds through the case checker and checking OAL randomly and then transferring completed rounds to an ammo can or divided ammo boxes, marking same with the load data etc etc. Then we have taking a pee maybe, making a fresh cup of coffee, putting on some music.......

    They obviously base it on everything being ready at the press so all you have to do is start feeding cases and bullets while running the press. It's not a true reflection of all the other time spent getting to that point.

    I'm still impressed!! You must have been flying man!!!

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    Default Re: And now for something completely different.

    With everything prepared and ready to roll, I can make 100 rounds in 11 minutes.

    All the peripheral tasks add a lot of time. I generally do said tasks after every 2 or 3 hundred. Loading cartridges into boxes, marking the brass and loading primers takes a lot of time.

    I'm reckon I'll be completing about 400 per hour.

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