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    Default Re: sarsilmaz b6 (cz75 clone)

    Quote Originally Posted by faya92 View Post
    Just a question. . .does tanfoglio not make clones aswell?
    They do and many parts are interchangeable (model dependent of course), but some parts are different. The FPB safety for example works in a different manner.

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    Default Re: sarsilmaz b6 (cz75 clone)

    There is a small training outfit in Cape Town that uses the Sarsilmaz. They work ok but have had minor issues. Like so many others said, pick something lighter from a bigger proven brand, or get a CZ 75 even a lightly used one. I carried a CZ75 for years before I moved to Glock. Much lighter to carry. If i was in your boat and had to make same selection today I would take a serious look at the Beretta APX.

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