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    What finally made all the gears click for her was shooting a bird while she was about 40m from me. As soon as she saw it fall she "got it" and we have hunted successfully since.
    Makes sense. Looking at your situation, you could have totally excluded the cap gun exercise. As I said though, it's not an easy thing - especially with sensitive dogs. I wouldn't recommend firing off cap guns over pups with no context. These things depend mostly on the ability and experience of the guy training the dog, and his ability to put it all together in a package the dog can understand.

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    My dog was used to shot before I got her at 8 weeks old. The breeder kept his dam and puppies in a garage with a screen door which had a very heavy spring. The pups heard that loud slam even before they were born. None of his pups ever had a problem with noise.

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