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    Default Re: Twist rate and bullet weight

    Its not quite as simple as saying "this bullet weight for that twist rate" its the bullet length and more importantly the contact of that specific bullet to the lands thats important regarding the barrels twist rate.

    Bullet lengths can and do vary, Cup and core bullets will always be shorter than turned copper solids in the same cal and weight for example.

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    Default Re: Twist rate and bullet weight

    A good buddy of mine, now in Australia, bought an ex Israeli K98 around 1980. As far as we were able to ascertain they were made by FN around 1950 and later rebarrelled to 7.62 Nato. My buddy's rifle would shoot MOA on a good day. The rifling twist was a bit longer than 13 which seemed a bit odd but we measured it more than once to be sure. It liked 150 grain Hornady spire points better than 165 grain but the difference was small. It was also quite short throated and seated just short of the rifling with the bullet base at the bottom of the neck. 180 grain would need to be seated well into the powder space. At the time I tested three or four of those rifles. All shot well. They were the best buy of the century. My buddy paid R120 for his from Nick Yale. That was a bargain even in 1980.

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