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Thread: Ruger mini 14

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    Send me a PM and I will send you his details.

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    Enquiring about Ruger Mini 14:

    It is not related to the first query, am I allowed to continue or must I start a new thread ?

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    place it here and lets see
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    We are looking for a part for a Mini-Ruger 14. I am trying to see how to insert an image of a schematic for Mini 14.
    I'll try copy and paste, and see if it works.
    Mmm.... that was nice. We need part 53. The mini is from the 182 series, and is licensed.
    Initially it did not have a stock and a bolt. These have been realized so far, but it took well over 2 years.
    Part 53 is what we're looking for, and willing to pay for ! Thank You KK 20 for the gap.
    The bit limit was exceeded, and I will post a link.

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