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    Morning All, the forum says for paintball as well, so maybe someone can help. I have been looking for this screw in adapter for My youngest's paintball gun. I have tried blades and triggers and they say you can not get it. The first one I bought on it's own. Please let me know.

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    Try an actual paintball shop?

    The ones I used to use are all closed but try

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    Hi, Ive ordered one of those from BNTonline.
    Guys in shop are useless. Was under the accessories section.

    I have also ordered from ali express online.
    Which is cheap but your looking at 4 - 6 weeks.

    If your in CPT area try hostile paintball.

    I can look tonight at home for you if I have a spare one available.
    If you go on gumtree. Do search for diving Cylinders. There is a guy in centurion who will have plenty of posts. He will also have.
    I have his email somewhere if you cant find add. PM for this.

    I will look tonight at home also if I have a spare still available. As I bought couple sometime back. Will then send you one.

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    Thank to Kayback and Shooty. I will wait for you to have a look and then chat from there.


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    While asking, what do you do when the date on your cylinders expire. do you do a hydro or what?


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    You will have too. Otherwise they wont fill it.
    Diving cylinder needs yearly visual. And about every 5 years Hydro.

    In CPT area its cheap. Weve got in Paarden Eiland area. Executive Safety.
    They only do cylinders. A 12l 232bar steel is R180 for Hydra and fill.
    Fill only R70. Visuals and fill +-R100.

    If moisture got inside a steel tank. They will chemically clean it.
    Also a small fee.
    This only usually happens if you store a cylinder completely empty and valve open.
    Moisture then moves in. Best is never to let Cylinder go completely empty.
    And have at least 20bar or so in it.

    If you have a Air cylinder on paintball. It also needs to be Hydra tested every 5 years or 4.
    Even the Carbon fibre once. Even though you fill it at home or on range.
    Rather pay the R50 and have it done for safety.
    This is waht the Executive guys ask.

    Not sure prices up country where there is less competition between companies who do this.

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    The fitting your looking for. Sits on every air bottle they sell.
    There is also one on the quick fit adapter that comes with every remote line.

    BNT should have as its actually a common item.

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    Thanks Shooty, following your advice, i contacted P.J.Edwards and was told that a hyro would cost R365.00.... Does not seem worth it when the bottles only cost R500.00. Will follow up with BNT for the adapter.

    Thanks again

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