Sports adventure shooting

When: 9 September 2017
Start: 07:00
Finish: 14:00
Where: Funky Town

Gear: EDC Pistol + spare mag, knife. Budget 100 rounds of ammo.
L1 Gear as per packing list 2017

If you are doing the L2/L3 then see the relevant packing list

This will be the final opportunity to qualify for L1 L2 L3 for 2017

In addition we will be doing a Bush Biathlon, to be administered by Honey Badger.

Following that we will do an assessment of the proposed EDC qualification.

Finally we will end off with a braai AND finalise the points system for dedicated status. This is very important and needs your attendance is needed even if you do not participate in the morning.

PLEASE email me if you will be attending: It is going to be a busy day and I need to have confirmation of numbers by no later than next Wednesday. Do this to save the coordinators time and you disappointment.

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Thanks in advance