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Thread: Shotgun chokes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khumba View Post
    There is no problem with non-factory chokes if you buy quality and the correctly threaded choke for your gun.
    Hence I say "Be Careful" - one can't just "sommer" throw in a choke and expect happy days. As you say, one will need to buy quality and have them correctly threaded for ones gun.
    If the chokes are poorly fitted - they can create an obstruction in the barrel and kaboom. Rather err on the side of caution and get some good advice from reputable guys in the field.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 458Exp View Post
    I use Teague chokes and bought it directly from them. The best chokes I've ever shot with
    How did they send them to you for interest sake as I want to get some from them too?
    What was the bill for transport over and above the price of the chokes?
    How long ago did you purchase them?
    Sorry if I am asking too many questions but it is important to know.

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