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As with everything in Zimbabwe these days you have to make do with what you have ! Hopefully it will work out for them.
I hear you.

There are however dog breeders in Zimbabwe.

The problem that I have with the take what you get approach is that it is unfair on the dogs. The dogs may have underlying health issues which make them unsuitable to work. They may be inbred, especially if they are from sumdood whose dogs just sort of had a litter of puppies. In real terms, no thought or planning has gone into that litter.

Training and deploying littermates can also be problematic as they can end up bonding with each other rather than their handler.

These things have the risk of reducing the dogs' effectiveness which, in turn reduces their subjective value to the conservancy, and increases their risk of ending up in a trash bag.

Like pretty much all things, the development of a K9 capability is best done properly or not at all.

The approach is akin to a security company giving reaction officers pepperball guns because that's what they can get.