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Thread: Hunting scope

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    Quote Originally Posted by TStone View Post
    I've no idea. I can tell you that I can hit a 6" target at 500m with a scope set at 6.5x shooting off a bench, and I'm not the worlds best shot.
    But clearly not the worst
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    Ok, so here is the trick.

    In the bush you'll probably never need more magnification than 3 or 4.
    To HIT anything on the plains, like T-stone mentioned you also don't need much.

    But then hitting something is only 1 sec of the hunt.
    When scanning the plains or mountains with the binocs it's easy to spot animals, but at long range it's difficult to spot specific characteristics. With springbok on the plains it's difficult to go through the whole herd and look for something specific. If you are just looking to shoot any animal, well then no problem, but if you are perhaps tracking something wounded with no obvious visible blood, forget it, your binocs doesn't have enough magnification, and neither does your 9x scope.

    Similarly, when scanning mountains for ribbok, it's easy to spot a small group for example, but you must either approach the mountain, and or climb difficult terrain to get closer to them. If you are looking for something specific and you could not identify it at long range, then you just wasted a lot of time.

    Like I said, by all means hunt with your scope on 6x or whatever, but you just cannot dial your 3-9 scope up when you really need to see something.
    That Lynx that have been mentioned, you can hunt at 2.5 times up close, or dial it up to 15x if you need to check something out.

    The issue with magnification and hunting with ALWAYS come down to experience and skill, so not having something that can do more than most just because most cannot use it doesn't really make sense.
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