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    Default Re: Help with some. 303 markings

    Quote Originally Posted by WR74 View Post
    I only have these pics on my phone (not sure if that helps)
    The pic looks like a No1 Mk1 (with mag cutoff) converted to Mk111 spec by adding the charger guide etc.
    The cocking piece on the rear of the firing pin seems to have come off a No4 rifle.
    The Parker Hale rear sight was a popular addition, mostly used for target shooting.
    The rifle has been modified several times, some of the mods possibly done privately. Sporterizing the rifle might have made it a decent hunter, but destroyed all originality it had left.
    Look for a 2-digit date stamp on the flat portion on the barrel, right above the chamber. This may indicate the date a new barrel was fitted.

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    Default Re: Help with some. 303 markings

    Found some more markings while cleaning the rifle this morning.

    The 135 is stamped on the butplate.
    The crown with K1 X is on the trigger guard.

    V 32 is just behind the trigger guard on the stock.
    The other X stamp is on the rear sight bridge.

    All very confusing. These rifles have a crazy amount of stamps and markings

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