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    Default Re: 1883 Black Powder Hunt at Weltevreden Farm (2018)

    It all started with an almost overlooked email from Gert way back in 1879 (I mean 2014).
    It was Gert's idea, and from there it grew and grew.
    We managed to put together a remarkable group of hunters, and the level of harmony and enthusiasm is just amazing.
    Held together by Gert's enthusiasm for taking photographs and reporting on this forum, we have winning recipe.
    Thanks Gert!

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    Default Re: 1883 Black Powder Hunt at Weltevreden Farm (2018)

    Thank you members, the positive remarks are much appreciatedWillie , thank you for the reply as well, without you this hunt will not be possible, you really make our hunt possible with all the logistics around the camp/the hunt possible. We as a group really appreciate this great effort you put in every year..long before we arrive at the camp site you had already cut roads through the long grass. Giving as all the Olien hout (Olive wood) to make huge camp fires to cook our food and brew our coffee is really a privilege for all hunters participating in the hunt. This year we used Tambotie hout to make camp fire and cook /braai as well. The hot burning "Kameel doring wood was another excellent wood to burn in the camp fire ... there is just something magic about a huge camp fire every evening...Willie thank you again, it really is much ,much appreciated...

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    For the readers interested in indigenous trees, it may sound like sacrilege to burn wild olive, Tamboti and camel thorn.
    Let me explain :about five years ago, we had a severe bush fire that killed many of the trees on the farm.
    Many wild olive trees were killed and are standing dead wood now.
    Some of this dead branches were selected and cut for the spokes of the new ox wagon Herman is building.
    A lot of the wood is not useful for this purpose, and makes excellent firewood.
    Similarly the riempiesbank's wood was cut from a dead wild olive tree. No trees were killed for any purpose of the 1883 hunt.

    The legend that braaiing over the embers of Tamboti wood makes you sick, has been proven wrong over and over again. Only the bone dry wood of trees dead for a long time was used.

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