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    Quote Originally Posted by R_C View Post
    Thanks PeaceOfficer I took a drive out to Randfontein after chatting to Martin who works out of the Gunworx premises. Got my 43 textured with an absolutely awesome Maltese Cross design. They can do any pattern you can imagine and the work is simply factory perfect!

    I'll post some pics as soon as I have some time. It really is worth getting hold of Martin if you want this done. Friendly and professional service.
    No worries! Hope you took a video to share with us. Looks like a lot of fun.

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    it took around 2 hours but apparently the standard time is about 45 minutes, however it all depends on the workload so foreseeably one might have to leave the FA there for a few days. No video as I wasn't invited to the work area but there is a video on the link provided by PO.

    It is done by laser so computer controlled and is therefore very uniform in texture and appearance. From what I could gather from speaking to Martin (Both father and son are Martin BTW) there is a specific setting needed depending upon the surface to be worked on, even different polymers or plastics require specific settings. The grip which is the primary consideration is night and day compared to the standard finish it really has transformed this little gun although I have yet to shoot it in its modified form.

    Some quick pics:

    G43 - 2.jpg

    Edit: OK a quick pic. The other one won't load as I get an error saying that I have exceeded my quota.

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