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    Default Normal vs Business competency

    Morning all.

    Hope someone has some clarity.

    I completed the normal rifle, handgun and shotgun proficiencies years back. Unit standard 10750, 10748 and 10754 and received my competency.

    Now a farm I work for has rifles licensed under business purposes ( 375's etc for dangerous game). We were advised to do our business competencies which I completed the proficiency for rifle, unit standard 123519. Now I wanted to apply for competency but 2 DFOs told me there is no competency for business purposes just a proficiency from a registered provider and I cannot apply as competent in rifle is competent whether business or personal use.

    Any idea on this.


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    Ok I found this. Seems CFR not set up to capture unless something has changed.

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    OP you have it 100%. No comp for Business Purposes but you MUST have it (U/S 123519 for Manual Rifle for Business Purposes) if you are going to be issued/use a company firearm.
    If you personally are not buying a firearm/s you don't need any competencies

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    Thanks Peter.

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    A PSIRA registered company that employees you, will need to keep a copy of the statement of results that you get when you complete the proficiency test for business purposes. That is how I understand it!

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