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Thread: SAPS 350 woes

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    Default SAPS 350 woes

    Seems the SAPS 350 saga is getting worse. Very frustrating as you cannot apply for the license until it has been captured at CFR. Glocks at retailers are still showing up as Bernhard Agencies. FFS!!
    Is this not something GOSA should take up as CFR is not performing their administrative duty, causing shops en retailers to loose income and gunowners being denied the opportunity to license their firearms?

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    CFR is just using delay tactics which ever way they feel fit.

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    Default Re: SAPS 350 woes

    Fixing the admin issues should be the primary focus of any gun rights organisation currently
    "Learning only occurs after repetitive ,demoralizing failures!"

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    Very frustrating. I have bought a .243 4 months ago allready at a dealer that I still can not apply for. Some guys been waiting since December.

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    I currently have an app in for a Ruger MarkIV i bought end March.
    This was new stock that arrived in SA. Luckily Gun n Bows who brought them in.
    Is one of the Ruger importers and a firearm retail dealer.
    So i had no issues. First ever 350 I got from dealer that showed the USA company on.

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