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OP, out of curiosity, for what purpose do you want/need the 3" shells?

Ouch indeed. I predict will using this ammo will lead to many misses left and under, due to the severe flinch that has developed, which may very well lead to misses in general.

Let's just say I have seen it happen, while I am happily plugging along next door, using my 32g #3's with a couple 36g #1's easily accessible in case I hear that uniquely pitched whistle of some Spurwing.

Just to qualify, I used to arrange goose shoots at one time on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays, as long as the birds were flying, during the hunting season.

If you shoot out of range, no 3" 50g load will contribute more birds to the bag, you'll end just up pricking lots of birds.

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Listen to Johann, he knows what he's talking about. For spurwing I shoot them in the head and neck and they drop every time if you have the correct lead. They are tough birds and if you shoot too far out, especially from behind you are very likely to wound.